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Member Spotlight – Katie & Danny Corning!

Member Spotlights! – Katie & Danny Corning! We’re so excited to have The Cornings in The CFS Spotlight! They are an awesome duo that have been consistent hard working members since day one. Katie & Danny joined back in July of 2019. We remember their first WOD here, it was particularly rainy and windy that […]

Air Up There

Warm-up 2 Rounds 30on 10off 1. Lateral Up and Overs 2. Plank Ups* 3. Bulgarian Split Squats R 4. Bulgarian Split Squats L 5. Shoulder Activators 6. Strict Banded Pull Ups** *feet on the box where able **C2B where able – use thicker green bands for assistance Strength E2MOM12 Push-press 1. 5 Reps 2. 5 […]

Bring-A-Friend – Free WOD Day Today!

Bring-A-Friend/Free WOD Day! Have you always wanted to try crossfit and see what all the buzz is about? Today is your chance to try out a beginner friendly WOD here at CrossFit Southie and see what it’s all about! So get ready for the best hour of your day! Free WOD Day is happening TODAY! […]

Muscle-Ups On The Mountain

Warm-up Athlete’s Choice 3:00 Bike, Ski, or Run Then 2 Rounds :40 on /:10 Rest and Rotate -Barbell Front Squat – L-Sit On Rings (scale to knees tucked or ring support) -Muscle Clean -Scap Pull- Up (Round 2 Strict Pull-Up) Strength E2MOM12 3 Squat Clean Reps (hands stay on the bar/touch and go) WOD 3 […]

Sandbag Season

Warm-up 200m Sandbag Run 100 Singles 25 Ukrainian Swings Accessory EMOM10 10 Reps of Each 1. Single Leg Deadlifts R 2. Single Leg Deadlifts L 3. KB Kneel to Stand- Alt 4.Half Kneeling Press R 5.Half Kneeling Press L *KB weight ideally is heavier for the deadlift then the press WOD (30 Minute Cap) 500m […]

Monday Mississippi

Warm Up Partner Up Row 18|14 Cals Active Squat hold with MB in Front Rack -Switch- Row 18|14 Cals High MB Plank Hold -Switch- Row 18|14 Cals MB Hamstring Curls Strength E2MOM12 2 Front Squat Pause Squat (2 seconds) WOD 3 Rounds 30|25 Calorie Row 20 Wall Balls 20|14 10 Shoulder to Overhead 135|95 Level […]

Bench All Stars

Warm-up 2 Rounds :45 Work/:15 Rest and Rotate -BB Plank Up/Overs -BB Hollow Hold Floor Press -BB High Pulls -Box Lateral Up/Overs Mobility Shoulder Rolling Chest Stretch Strength E2MOM12 Bench Press* 3 Reps *Can sub floor press if need be WOD 10:00 AMRAP 5 Hang Power Cleans 135|95 7 Push-ups 9 Box Jump Overs 24|20 […]

50 Flush

Warm Up In 2 Mins 15|12 Cal Bike AMRAP Shoulder Activators In 2 Mins 100M Run AMRAP BB Good Morning In 2 Mins 12 Burpee Lateral Jumps AMRAP Single Leg V-Ups Mobility Shoulder Rolling and Stretching WOD (40 Minute Cap) 2 Min Work: 1 Min Rest In 2 minutes: 15|12 Calorie Assault Bike* Then AMRAP […]


Warm-up Fish Game Strength E2MOM12 2 Overhead Squats Coaches note – As needed, use the time between sets to make use of your pvc to work to improve your mobility in the OHS WOD (15 Minutes) 42 Cal Row 21 Back Squats 135|95 30 Cal Row 15 Back Squats 18 Cal Row 9 Back Squats […]