Drop Ins

dale handstand walk

Fellow CrossFitters who currently belong to a different Box may swing by and take a class or for Open Gym at our $25 drop in rate.  Please click here to pay and register.  (Where possible, please do not use your phone to  sign up.  When purchasing by phone there is often a delay in processing and may result in multiple charges if selected multiple times.)

Please show up 5-10 minutes before class to fill out a waiver.  No need to contact us before purchasing a class and registering.  Thank you!


Open gym will only be allowed if registered for a spot.  Once back open with all restrictions lifted, we will allow you to follow your own programming outside of busy hours (busy hours are 530-630am & 5-7:15pm) as long it does not interfere with the general class.  We do not offer a t-shirt trade but do have t-shirts available for additional purchase.