CrossFit Southie Showdown 2020
Postponed – Hopeful for the Fall
More info to follow as it becomes available
Intermediate, RX & ADV Divisions

Our CrossFit Classes, CTX, Endurance and Weightlifting programs will help you get in the best shape of your life regardless of your experience or ability level while our Specialty Classes will help you excel in your sport.


The best coaches, the best people. Find out what makes the CrossFit Community so special.


With upwards of 16 classes a day, classes for every ability level and a complimentary introductory class, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get started today.


Located just off of Rt 93 and the Red Line T we have over 15,000 sqft of warehouse space, up to 30ft ceilings, parking, showers and all the toys a CrossFitter can imagine.

What is CrossFit?

A universally scalable strength and conditioning program that utilizes calisthenics, weightlifting and conditioning techniques through compound functional movements.  The result is a level of fitness that is able to perform any task required and a body that looks the part.


At CrossFit Southie..

Our World Class Coaches have the knowledge, skills and personal touch to ensure your success.

Our Nutritional Lectures, Challenges and ongoing Guidance compliments our fitness program to ensure you receive the best results.

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Introductory Class – Saturday @ 12pm and Wednesday @ 6pm

1What is CrossFit?

A program fit and scalable to anyone who decides to make the commitment to be better.

We utilize compound movements through body-weight, weightlifting and conditioning elements, at varying times of duration and intensity.

The end result…a fully functioning and efficient athlete who is ready to take on any task life or athletics may demand and a body that looks the part.

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2Beginner & Specialty Classes

Not ready or interested in the technical weightlifting/gymnastics components involved in CrossFit but still want a high intensity, results driven workout?  Try our CTX classes.

Looking to ramp up your fitness and gain more experience with the essential movements before joining CF classes?  Our Fundamentals program is for you.

We also offer other Specialty Classes such as Mobility, Endurance and Olympic Weightlifting. 

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3Personal Coaching

Training with a specific goal in mind?

Need added accountability, help perfecting specific skills/movements or want to increase your fitness level in a focused individualized setting?

We offer personal coaching at times that work for you individualized to your specific goals.

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4Free Class

Interested in trying us out?

Every Saturday at 12pm and Wednesday at 6pm, we hold a free class where we take you through the essential movements involved in CrossFit and put you through a short, intense workout to give you a taste of what we do.  From there, we explain the program a bit further and answer any questions you may have.

Unable to make it in at those times or already been a member elsewhere?  Contact Us and we will find a beginner friendly class time that works for you the get you started.

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