What is CrossFit?

A program fit and scale-able to anyone who decides to make the commitment to be better. We utilize compound movements through body-weight, weightlifting and conditioning elements, at varying lengths of duration and intensity.  The result, a fully capable and efficient athlete that is ready to take on any task life or athletics throws at it and a body that looks the part.  At CFS we strive on delivering an entire hour of sweat and heavy breathing, while delivering world class coaching in everything from Strength/Oly to gymnastics Skill & Mobility.

When coupled with community, the effects can be staggering, and our community certainly reflects the effectiveness of the program.  Don’t let this intimidate or stop you, we have all started fresh and grown to where we are today.  There are no egos here, only friends to help guide you along the way.  All we ask is that you show up and work hard and we will help you get there.


CrossFit is a general physical preparedness program designed to help you tackle any fitness or life task that is thrown your way while producing a body that looks the part.  CTX is a 60-minute high-intensity interval workout that combines traditional cardio training (running, biking, rowing) with simple weightlifting exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, etc.

We also offer specialty classes such as Oly, Pump, Mobility & Conditioning as well as Personal Fitness Coaching and Nutrition Coaching.

Getting Started

If you are interested in getting started in CrossFit classes right away, check out our schedule here & Try a free class!

We also run a month long Fundamentals Program that focuses on building a solid foundation with all of our movements and ramps up your fitness level over the course of the month.  Our next program is set to start up in April. For On-ramp, personal training, any of other programs or questions/concerns…Contact Us.

Meet Our Coaches