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CrossFit Southie is located at the intersection of Dorchester Ave and D St in South Boston. We can be reached easily off of I-93 via exit 16 or a short walk (<1/2 mile) from the Andrew and Broadway Redline T stations. We have 15,000 sq ft. of indoor space, making us one of the largest CrossFit facilities in the NorthEast.  We have ceilings that reach 30 ft high, and all the toys a CrossFitter desires, including ceiling suspended rings, climbing ropes, prowlers, sleds, yokes, sandbags, stones, Oly blocks, specialty bars, Peg Boards, GHD’s, tires, chains, 15+ assault/echo bikes, 11 Ski Ergs over 30 ERGs, etc..!  We also have four large restrooms and six showers available for you to clean up after you workout. Come check us out…


There have been some important changes to our parking situation here at CrossFit Southie. Unfortunately, these changes are out of our control… but it wouldn’t be Southie if there weren’t a little parking drama! We still have lots of parking options during the busiest hours of the day, but need to be considerate of our neighbors. Please read below to familiarize yourself with the new rules. We’d hate to see anyone get towed!

During the hours of 8AM-5PM

  • Parking rules in the main parking lot in front of Southie Green, as well as in the lot to the side of Southie Orange will be strictly enforced.
  • CrossFit Southie members will only be allowed to park in designated CrossFit Southie spots. A parking pass is also required. These spots will be clearly marked as “Reserved: CrossFit Southie”
  • Parking in non-CFS spots and parking in a CFS spot without a parking pass can result in towing. The lot will be monitored by an outside company.

Parking Passes

  • Parking passes can be found just inside the main door of Southie Green. They will need to be hung from your rear view mirror upon arriving to the facility and be returned before leaving.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have enough passes to hand out to every member. If you are a regular at the 9AM, 11AM, 12PM, 4PM or 4:30PM classes, please see one of your coaches. We will try to hand out passes to you so that you do not need to do the parking pass shuffle every day.

As always, parking along Dorchester Ave. is always first-come, first-serve and does not require a resident sticker. If you are a morning person, parking anywhere in the main CFS lot without a parking pass is fine, provided you leave by 8AM. Anyone arriving to the gym after 5pm will not need a parking pass.


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