STRIVE-X – Interval/Cross Training Class


STRIVE-X is a 60-minute Interval/Cross Training Class  that combines traditional cardio training (running, biking, rowing) with simple weightlifting exercises using dumbbells and kettlebells, slam balls, etc. There are no barbells or high-skill movements in this class. STRIVE-X is open to all fitness levels – no prior experience necessary!

The objective of STRIVE-X is to build cardiovascular endurance, strength, and body awareness. The workouts are different each day. The class is structured with intervals varying in length and intensity. We use a large variety of equipment and exercises that will give you a full-body workout every time you come.  If your goal is to burn fat and change your body composition, then this class is for you! STRIVE coaches will be available to assist in scaling the weights, repetitions, and movements to meet the needs of all ability levels.

If you have a regular CrossFit membership, STRIVE-X is included in your membership. This class DOES count toward your weekly class total. If you’d like to take only STRIVE-X classes, class packages are available for purchase here. Check out CrossFit Southie’s schedule to drop in for a class!

STRIVE-X class is currently held at the following times:
Sunday @ 11AM (main space), Tuesdays/ Thursdays @ 6:30am (southie white/annex space)

STRIVE-X programming is constantly varied and always challenging. Example Programming can be found below…

All movements are reviewed and warmed up at the beginning of class.  Athletes will be grouped and will start at different stations. Athlete choose their own weights and difficulty.  Coaches are able to assist in choosing weights and modifying movement and difficulty where needed.

Rotating EMOM9: 2 Minutes Rest after each EMOM9

Station #1

1. 12|9 Calorie Bike

2. 10 Burpee Deadlift

3. 12 DB Step-overs


Station #2

1.200m Run

2. 7 Strict Pull-ups or 14 Ring Row

3. 20 Landmine Hack Squats


Station #3

1. 15|12 Calorie Row

2. 20 Sit-ups

3. 14 Reverse Goblet Lunges


Station #4

1. 18 Box Jumps

2. 14 Ball Slams

3. 18 Push-press*


Scaled Version

Rotating EMOM9: 2 Minutes Rest after each EMOM9

Station #1

1. 9|6 Calorie Bike

2. 6 Burpee Deadlift

3. 8 DB Step-overs


Station #2

1. 100m Run

2. 5 Strict Pull-ups or 10 Ring Row

3. 12 Landmine Reverse Squats


Station #3

1.12|8 Callorie Row

2. 12 Sit-ups

3. 8 Reverse Goblet Lunges


Station #4

1. 12 Box Jumps

2. 12 Ball Slams

3. 12 Push-press*