Coach Austin Amery

1.Classes you currently coach?

– none yet but coming soon, keep an eye out!

2.Years as a crossfitter and coach?

– Year 3 as a crossfitter

– Year 1 as a coach

3.Your favorite part of being a crossfit coach?

– I have always loved the atmosphere of being in the gym, especially when it’s time throw some weight around! Being able to provide coaching, feedback, and sometimes a little hype to help someone hit a new PR – those are my favorite moments.

4.Your Favorite WOD and Movement?

WOD – Grace or Isabel! Im split

5. Athletic background (sports you played in high school and/or college)

High School (VT) – Football, Basketball, Track

College (RPI) – Football

6. Small piece of advice for Newbies and/or Veteran athletes

Newbies – CrossFit requires patience- try to appreciate the small wins along the way as they’ll accumulate into some big wins you never thought were possible.

Vets – CrossFit will never get boring if you’re constantly trying to train your weaknesses! Try to find joy in training the things you’re really bad. For me that’s running but I don’t think anyone likes running

7. Fun Fact most people don’t know about you

I like restoring old things! Most recent project was an ‘89 GMC Jimmy you might hear ripping around Southie.

8. What do you enjoy about the CFS Community?

CFS has an awesome balance of being a place to socialize / make new friends while also being a competitive CrossFit gym where you can get after it. You’ll experience this through such awesome events – smashing weights in the CrossFit Total or tearing up the dance floor at the Holiday Party. Don’t be shy