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CrossFit Classes

Each of our classes is led by one or more of our professional coaches. At 8pm each evening, we post a Workout of the Day (WOD) on our Blog.  Along with a specific warm up, including instruction of the day’s movements, all general classes will complete the WOD the following day.

The daily WOD is a variation of movements that involve weight-lifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning.  Do not feel intimidated if you are unable to execute the program as written.  All programs can be modified by scaling load and intensity, all ability levels are encouraged and welcome.

CrossFit Southie classes require membership enrollment, there is no pay by class option.  Membership rates are determined by the number of classes you participate in each week. We do not require a down payment, nor do we require a long term commitment.  

Once enrolled in CrossFit Southie classes you are welcome to participate at any of the scheduled class times, no per-registration or check in is required.  Just show up.  Included with all class memberships, are free admission to our Mobility and Free Time Gym hours.  

To sign up for your free introductory CrossFit class or  first month of classes, click here.

At busier gym times, our classes are separated by ability level to accommodate everyone no matter where their fitness and CrossFit experience level is currently.  This encourages a more comfortable learning environment while allowing for more effective coaching….

Due to Covid Restrictions we are not currently offering different level classes.  Our classes are currently staffed to support all ability levels. 

L1/L2 CrossFit Classes

Our L1/L2 classes spend more time focusing on breaking down the movements in each class including how to individually scale and are typically held in a smaller group setting. These classes are great for the 2x/week athlete or the newbie looking to ramp up their fitness level and fitness education.

In being surrounded with peers of similar ability levels, in a less intimidating environment, allows for a comfortable learning experience, with more focused individual attention and guidance to help build a strong foundation during the early stages of your CrossFit career.

To go further, during our busier hours at 5:30am, 6am, 5pm – 7pm, we have multiple coaches on staff to assist with classes.  This enables us to break off based on experience level of the days movements and essentially run newbie and intermediate skill sessions.

In doing so, we are able to effectively ramp up newbies fitness and fitness education in a comfortable learning environment while allowing new members to come at a time convenient to their schedule.

The L1/L2 classes are NOT exclusively for beginners, they are for anyone who wants a more detailed overview of the movements being covered that day, and for those who want to be surrounded by athletes of their same level. 

We have a fair amount of serious athletes who are tough to keep up with; the L1/L2 classes will allow members to work separate from the more seasoned CrossFitters, and for some may make for a more positive experience. If you find that you are using L1/L2 weight/modifications don’t be afraid to give these classes a try at least once. You are always welcome in the Rx/L2 classes, but it could really help your progress by getting the extra attention.

RX CrossFit Classes

In order to take an Rx class you do not have to complete the prescribed weights or unassisted body weight movements, we just ask that you have previously done the movements before in a class or are comfortable with some sort of modification.

During the Rx Classes, there will not be as much hand holding and time will be spent on furthering skills. For example, on muscle up day we will not go deep into developing pull ups and dips during Rx classes. Instead, we will spend most of our time working muscle up technique and transitions. If you are a newbie (don’t have the kip quite down yet, have never set up a ring dip with the bands), we suggest you show up to the L1/L2 classes or the All Levels classes as time will be spent going into detail on technique, how to setup, how to scale appropriately, etc..

Lastly, if you have been a member for 2+ months and have seen all the movements a few times don’t be fearful of jumping into the Rx classes. These classes are going to help further your skills, push you a little harder and free up some room in the L1/L2 classes for more newbies to learn.

All Levels Classes

All ability levels are welcome. These classes are at non high traffic times and we will have multiple coaches on when necessary to help all ability levels.