Are All CrossFit Gyms The Same?

No! All CrossFit gyms are individually owned and operated, we are not a franchise. Our affiliation to CrossFit is based on our passion for quality training and programming and love of functional movements done at high intensity.

What does this mean to you? You should check out the facilities, the coaches, and the classes.

Some gyms may omit Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and other modalities. Some programs are based on body weight only. The experience and skill level of coaches and trainers also vary. Are you just paying for someone to tell you what to do (definitely NOT the same as someone showing you what and how; and getting you to understand why)?  Is there real coaching going on? Are you learning new skills and moving forward?

So again, we are all similar, but can be vastly different. Choose what fits you best and your goals. No matter what, I am glad you found CrossFit. Done correctly, it is the BEST strength and conditioning programming around!

What are the costs?

There is a monthly fee associated with the class membership option which is dependent on the number of classes you would like to commit to each week. There are no membership, or monthly fees, associated with the personal training sessions. The sessions are sold both individually or in packages, at a reduced rate. For more information, check here.

Do you have to pay a monthly membership in addition to the classes or is the membership fee for just the classes?

Fees are just for the classes. All classes are group instructor led. We do offer open gym hours and specialty classes but membership is required to take advantage of these. Membership rates are for CrossFit classes only.


How does the membership work?  Are you billed on a monthly basis?

Our membership runs from month to month. We process payment through EFT so a voided check from a checking account would be sufficient. If you sign up on say the 24th, your membership would automatically renew on the 24th every month.  You can stop your membership anytime as long as you let us before your renewal date, in this case the 23rd. There is no commitment. You can come for one month and if you decide it’s not for you, we can go our separate ways at the end of the month. An phone call, e-mail would be sufficient notice to stop. No cancellation fees are involved.

What type of commitment are you required to make to the gym? Is it on a monthly basis?  Can you drop in for classes as needed?  Can you buy a package of classes and use them as your schedule permits?

If you are new to CrossFit we require at least a 2x per week commitment.  Our program involves a lot of technical movements which requires consistency, so unfortunately on a drop in, once in a while basis, you will be lost.

What hours are available?

Check out our Class Schedule.  If you are interested in personal training, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.   Contact Us today to set up a complimentary session.

Friends Push Each Other

Do you have showers?

Yes, 6!

Do you have parking?

Yes! We share a large parking lot, which is filled on a first come, first serve basis. If that fills up there is additional street parking available to everyone, not just South Boston residents.

I’m a student, what type of verification do you need for the student rate?

A student ID works.

Can I drop into classes once a week or twice a week depending on my schedule? 

If you sign up for 2x per week, you may come to any 2 classes, it doesn’t matter if it is Tuesday and Thursday one week and Sunday and Monday the next.  We consider the week Sunday to Saturday.

Wall Climbs

What is the coach:student ratio?  Are there multiple coaches walking around helping adjusting and teaching while you’re working out? How many people are in each CrossFit class?

Our smaller classes are 1-7 people and usually only have one coach. Our busier classes, can have 10-30 students and we have 2-3 coaches on staff to help with those classes. We pride ourselves on making sure everyone moves efficiently and receives lots of attention.

I’ve heard that the CrossFit classes are only 20 minutes or a 1/2 hour.  Is that true?

All of our classes are one hour in length. Classes are comprised of a high paced warm up consisting of mobility, flexibility and lots of sweat.  The warm up is followed with some form of skill or strength set for 20 minutes and lastly a metabolic conditioning workout which typically lasts 5-30 minutes depending on the energy system we are focusing our efforts in that particular day.

How long after you start CrossFit (how many classes) until most people start seeing changes/results?

You will notice changes in your fitness immediately.  Body composition changes will follow quickly when coupled with a clean diet.

When can I come in for a free class?

Anytime.  Take a look at our schedule and send us some days and times that work best for you and we will get you in ASAP.