We offer a variety of programs depending on specific goals as well as experience/fitness levels.

Our CrossFit Program is a general physical preparedness program designed to build strength, endurance and help get you in the best shape of your life. Regardless of your experience or ability level, the CrossFit program focuses on developing a well-rounded athlete. The workout is the same in each general CrossFit class. At busier times, we separate by ability levels to make for more effective coaching and a better learning experience. To sign up for your free introductory CrossFit class or first month of classes, click here.


For those looking to ease their way into CrossFit, we offer a Fundamentals Program. 2-4x per year.  This program is designed to ramp up your fitness and give you more exposure to the movements involved in CrossFit before general classes.  Inquire today at [email protected] if interested.

Conquer & Thrive

CTX | Conquer & Thrive Cross-Training

CTX is a 60-minute high-intensity interval workout that combines traditional cardio training (running, biking, rowing & ski erging) with simple weightlifting exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, etc. There are no barbells or high-skill movements in this class. CTX is open to all fitness levels – no prior experience necessary!

CTC | Conquer & Thrive Conditioning


CTC focuses on building our engines using 3 modalities- rowing, biking, and running. The class will be mostly in interval format, but some days will also involve us going long and steady. What is different from this class compared to others out there is that we are going to strive to make each class goal orientated with each modality. From time to time, this class may also include burpees, box jumps, jump roping, sleds, etc. There will be no weightlifting or gymnastics in this class.

Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes are available to help you exceed in your sport and improve  your fitness. These classes include Barbell Club | Olympic Weightlifting and Mobility.  We also offer One on One Mobility Screening, to asses movement patterns to improve efficiency and prevent injury.


Our Extra Work is supplementary work programmed to enable athletes in CrossFit classes to take their fitness to the next level.  Extra Work consists of more technical lifts, extra conditioning and advanced gymnastics skills. Extra work helps gain success in the competitive CrossFit arena.  A good, solid foundation of general class skills, GPP and CrossFit fitness requirements are encouraged before jumping in full force.  Consult with your coaches.  Extra Work is listed daily on Sugar WOD and can be found on the whiteboards in the desk space.

Free Time/Open Gym

Open gym/Free Time is included with membership. 2x and 3x/week members have specific times to make use of Gym Free time (M-F 4-5 & Sat 1030am-2pm). Unlimited members have access to Open Gym at all times during non-peak business hours as long as they are not disruptive to general classes or using equipment reserved for general class.  Please note that Southie Green closes at 8pm and Open gym from 8pm-830pm is to take place in Southie Orange as long as not disruptive to class.  Please click here for more rules and regulations that apply to Open Gym/Free Time privileges.