Open Gym/Free Time

2x and 3x/week members have dedicated Gym Free Time (Monday and Thursday at 4-5pm and Saturdays from 11:30-2pm).  2x and 3x members are welcome to work on skills before or after class but will need unlimited status to use the box at non Free Time hours for WODs and platform work.   During Free Time, you may use the gym to make up a WOD/Strength you have missed during the week or work on your weaknesses.  Coaches are available during this time and please feel free to ask a coach for help improving a specific skill or lift or even design a specific WOD.  If you have only been doing CrossFit for less then 6 months you cannot train exclusively during Open gym/Free Time hours. You must take at least one class/week. Working out in a class setting is what produces the most progress and the most efficient results.  Dedicated Free Time Hours do not count towards your weekly total of classes.

Unlimited members have access to Southie Green during all non-peak business hours for Open Gym.  Unlimited members are highly encouraged to not train exclusively in Open Gym as there will be limited coaching during the non-class/non-open gym hours . To go along with this there will be some rules in place that must be followed to take advantage of open gym:

1. Please note: priority goes to any class that is taking place. Please be respectful during class hours and work around the class, especially the busier classes (5:30am, 5pm, 6pm).

2. If you have been doing CrossFit for less than 6 months, you may not train exclusively in open gym, you must take classes.

3. This is non-coached time. Coaches have blogging, administrative, cleaning duties to attend to during the day. Please respect their time.

4. Please do not do anything unsafe, including attempting 1rm’s without spotters. Please note #3 and make use of other open gymers for spotters.

5. All of our coaches have the right to stop you from doing anything that they believe is unsafe.

6. Bring your own music/headphones. The gym music is to be kept at a low level during open gym hours to respect people getting work done and those receiving massage.

7. Please pick up after yourself. Equipment should be wiped down and everything should be put away where you found it and not left out for the coaches to clean up after you.