Mobility | Movement Assesment

using bands for stretching

COVID Update: We are set to reopen for indoor classes on February 1st. We  will be running CrossFit classes only.  For more information on these classes or to sign up, please click HEREWe hope to  run one CTX class on Sundays in the near future.  We also look forward to getting back to offering additional classes as soon as we are able to!


After a long week of training, our bodies can feel pretty run down and beat up. Recovery is vital to our success in the gym. We can train hard and eat right, but if we’re not taking care of our bodies, we’ll never achieve our true performance potential.

using a medicine ball to loosen our backs

Join us every Wednesday at 7pm or Saturday at 12pm for an hour of rolling, stretching, and recovery. Each week will hit the total body, with consideration given to the previous week’s programming.

This class is the perfect way to cool down after a Saturday morning workout, or move a bit on your off day. Set yourself up for success for the following week by spending an hour taking care of yourself over the weekend.

Mobility class meets on Wednesdays at 7:00pm and Saturdays at 12:00pm. This class is FREE with membership and does NOT count toward your weekly class total.

We also offer a free individual movement/mobility assessment to all members.  These sessions are scheduled on Wed evenings at 6 & 630pm.  Click here to learn more.

our instructor helping a client during a mobility session

all smiles during recovery!