Restore – Mobility & Stability | Movement Assessment

using bands for stretching

Restore – Wednesday @ 7pm

After a long week of intense training and high impact, our bodies can feel run down and beat up. Recovery is vital to our success in the gym. We can train hard and eat right, but if we are not taking care of our bodies we will never achieve our true performance potential.

using a medicine ball to loosen our backs

Restore incorporates rolling & stretching techniques to free up overactive muscles while utilizing accessory exercises to activate and strengthen the small muscle groups that are commonly neglected. Each session will alternate between Upper Body (Shoulder/Thoracic) and lower body (Hip/Knee/Ankle) to introduce athletes to pre-hab and accessory pieces focused on those specific areas.  Our accessory exercises will include isometric holds, anti-rotational movements and single arm/single leg work. This class is perfect for those who realize the importance of these activities, but may need a little accountability to add them into their weekly routine!

Classes are to run on Wednesday nights at 7pm weekly.  Sign up required through ZenPlanner.

We will be running a 3 month cycle where we rotate through 4 sessions 3x’s.  An example of programming can be found below

Mobility – 20 Mins
Soft Tissue Roll
With a lax ball
-Posterior Shoulder
-Thoracic Spine

Stretch – 20 minutes
Overhead Banded Lat
Banded Bully stretch
Banded Pec Stretch
Banded Tri Stretch

Activation/ Prehab – 10 minutes
2 Rounds
10 MB chest supported I’s and T’s
5 MB Push Up Plus (Scap push up + Push up)*
5 Pull Up Plus (Scap pull up + Pull up)

Accessory – 10 minutes
Part A*
2 Rounds
:30 Double Front Rack KB Hold
:30 Active Pull Up Bar Hang or until failure (ADV – use fat grips or Towel hang)

Part B*
2 Rounds
10 OH Weighted Sit Ups
10 Bent over Iso Rows 3-1-X-1
5 KB Banded Stability Press each arm
30s Superman Hold

*For Quality, not for time.  Rest as needed between sets and exercises 

This class is is run at 7pm on Wednesdays and DOES count toward your weekly class total.


If you feel your body needs some more individualized TLC or you want to investigate a nagging injury, we also have a resident PT, Carly Stote, who offers movement/mobility assessment to all members.   Click here to learn more.

our instructor helping a client during a mobility session

all smiles during recovery!