CTX | Bootcamp

CTX | Conquer & Thrive Bootcamp

CTX is a 60-minute high-intensity interval workout that combines traditional cardio training (running, biking, rowing) with simple weightlifting exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, etc. There are no barbells or high-skill movements in this class. CTX is open to all fitness levels – no prior experience necessary!

If you have a regular CrossFit membership, CTX is included in your membership. This class DOES count toward your weekly class total. If you’d like to take only CTX classes, CTX class packages are available for purchase here. Check out CrossFit Southie’s schedule to drop in for a class!

CTX class is currently held at the following times:
Sunday @ 11AM, Tuesdays/ Thursdays @ 6:30am.

CTX programming is constantly varied and always challenging. Some days throughout the week also have themes:
Strong: These days include a short strength circuit using dumbbells or kettlebells before beginning the endurance piece.
Chippers: Rather than stations, these workouts will be chipper style (a long endurance workout with no built in rest!)
Cardio: While every day includes cardio, these workouts will focus primarily on traditional cardio (running, biking, rowing, skiing).

Other workouts will typically be interval-based, rotating through a few stations. Check out a sample workout below:

8 Minutes per station
2 Minutes rest between stations

Station #1: Run
30 seconds ball slams / 30 second sprint
1 minute alternating single leg v-ups / 1 minute sprint
30 seconds ball slams / 30 second sprint
1 minute hollow hold / 1 minute sprint
30 second alternating single leg v-ups / 30 second sprint
1 minute ball slams

Station #2: Floor
10 dumbbell front squats (30/20)
10 double dumbbell bent over rows
10 dumbbell box step ups

Station #3: Bike
30 seconds push ups / 30 second bike sprint
1 minute dumbbell plank drag throughs / 1 minute bike sprint
30 second jumping lunges / 30 second bike sprint
1 minute push ups with 2 shoulder taps / 1 minute bike sprint
30 second dumbbell plank drag throughs / 30 second bike sprint
1 minute jumping lunges

Station #4: Row
250m row
10 burpee jump tucks
10 kettlebell swings (53/35)