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Getting Thru & Beyond – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up With Class or Extra Gym/Conditioning Work Mobility Quads Adductors Strength EMOM8 2 Squat Cleans (80-90%) Rest 4 Minutes EMOM5 1 Squat Clean (90-102%) WOD 13 Minute AMRAP 2000m Row 30 Clean and Jerks (135,95) Level 2- 115,75 Level 1- 95,55 Similar to the CrossFit Open. If you finish the workout head back to the […]

Skill & Strength – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up With Class or Extra Strength Skill WOD 5-4-3-2-1 L Pull-up Strict Handstand Push-up -If unable to complete L-sit pull ups, scale to knee tuck pull ups. If unable to do unassisted pull ups, perform 5 banded strict pull ups + 25 sec L-sit, etc. ADV – Add deficit WOD (25 min hard cap) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 […]

Todays Rundown – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up With General class or Gymnastics Extra Work Strength Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 – Between sets complete 10 hip extension or superman’s WOD At 0:00 40/30 Calorie Bike 30 Power Snatches (95,65) At 6:00 50/40 Calorie Ski Erg 30 GHD Sit-ups or 50 w/ Abmat At 12:00 400m Run 30 Box Jumps (30,24) -Each part should be […]

Extra Work – CompetitorWOD

Extra Work this week: Strength Focus Work up to max weight for the complex: 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Squat Clean 1 Jerk Strength Focus EMOM10 3 Box [email protected]% OLY Focus Every 30s for 12 Minutes 1 Squat Snatch Increase weight every 2 minutes (4 reps) Gymnastics Focus 10 Minute AMRAP 1 Peg Board Ascent […]

Pyramid Helen – CompetitorWOD

Extra Strength Work up to max weight for the complex: 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Squat Clean 1 Jerk WOD “Pyramid Helen” Run 1200 meters 63 Kettlebell swings, (1.5/1) 36 Pull-ups Run 800 meters 42 Kettlebell swings, (1.5/1) 24 Pull-ups Run 400 meters 21 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1) 12 Pull-ups POST WOD MIDLINE 50 GHDS 50 […]

FriYAY Finish – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up With class – save any extra work for after class or before class starts today. Strength 5 Rounds Not for Time With Dumbbells 3 Strict Press 4 Push-press 5 Push-Jerk – ascend in weight as able. Last set should be close to a max for the complex WOD 40 Deadlifts (115,75) 20 Burpee Lateral […]

BenchmarkWOD: “Fight Gone Bad” – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up With class, extra work on your own. If on your own be sure to let coach know you will be hopping into the 2nd heat without a judge/score counter. Benchmark WOD “Fight Gone Bad!” Three rounds of: Wall-ball, Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75,55 Box Jump, 20in box Push-press, 75,55 Row (Calories) In this workout you […]

Finding That Flow – CompetitorWOD

Going forward, we will be taking a different approach with our competitor programming. We want the programming to be all inclusive and align with general classes as much as possible while providing avenues for everyone in the gym to put in EXTRA WORK outside of classes to get better. Instead of having a different program […]