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Whats YOUR Focus? – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up If able work up the back squat and DB Press and get right into the EMOM. Be done in time to hit to jump in for the class WOD. Gymnastics work can be done after. Accessory- Scap Work 2×15 Bandy Pull-aparts Pronated Ring Rows Skill Rope Climbs WOD 5 Rounds 400m Run 10 Burpee […]

Important Announcements – CompetitorWOD

Going forward, we will be taking a different approach with our competitor programming. We want the programming to be all inclusive and align with general classes as much as possible while providing avenues for everyone in the gym to put in EXTRA WORK outside of classes to get better. Instead of having a different program […]

2 Minute Intervals – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up With General Class or Grab a stone sandbag 10-8-6-4-2 Stone hug front squats with a 50ft hug carry after each round Skill Stone to Shoulder WOD 3 Rounds 2 Minute Intervals Rest and Rotate Remainder of Interval. Should earn 30+seconds Rest. 1. 200m Sandbag Run (4,3) 2. 100 Double Unders 3. 100m Farmers carry […]

NoodleLimbs – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up 30 Calorie Ski Erg 2 Rounds 20 Shoulder Taps 10 Kneeling to Squat Jumps, jump to a plate if able Oly EMOM10 2 Power Cleans 1 Push-jerk -Ascending Weight Strength Front Rack Lunge 25ft x4 WOD 3 Rounds 5 Rope Climbs 20 Strict Handstand Push-ups 20 Weighted Step-ups (50,35)

Partially Totally Linda – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up 60/50 Cal Bike with your partner 10 Burpee Over Your Partner 10 Ring Pull Ups Each 5:00 Mobilize and Warm Up Back Squat/Deadlift Strength Partner Totally Linda 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 -Splitting the reps between you and your partner Back Squat 275, 200 Deadlift 335, 250 Strict Press 155,105 Regional -20 Reps Open -40 Reps Partner WOD […]

Benchmark HeroWOD: “Badger” – CompetitorWOD

Warm-up Run a loop set up for the WOD do some Squat Cleans and Pull ups Midline/Skill 3 Rounds – (15 min cap) 100 ft Handstand Walk 5 Strict Muscle-ups -Add weight for the strict Muscle-ups if able *scale as necessary and do your best to start the WOD with class. WOD (35 min hard […]