Author: Sarah Radford

Member Spotlight – Lisa Arredondo!!

Indoors Member Spotlight! We’re ecstatic to announce Lisa Arredondo as our member spotlight for this month! Every time Lisa walks through the doors of CrossFit Southie, she’s ready to put in the work with the best attitude:) Cherry picking is a foreign concept to Lisa – she intentionally works on weaknesses by coming on the […]

Fall Nutrition Challenge Details!

Nutrition Challenge Fall 2021 It’s been a heck of a summer:) Restaurants and bars reopened, families reunited, and we may have let the reins a little loose in the eating/ drinking department. Totally understandable though considering the past year or so (pandemic, masks, isolation, etc)! It’s time we have some grace with ourselves and accept […]

Signs You May Be Under Eating

CrossFit as a sport consists of a constantly varied combination of gymnastics, conditioning and strength movements- all of which require high energy and strength reserves to pull from. If you’re not fueling yourself properly, these reserves will be depleted resulting in difficulty keeping on muscle and hitting PRs! We live in a society obsessed with […]

Member Spotlight Kevin Griffin!

We all know and love him – Mr Kevin Griffin is our Member Spotlight this month! Kevin joined CrossFit Southie back in 2015 and has stuck with us since then! He is one of those people with whom you can easily sit and chat for hours, making all members (new and OGs alike) feel comfortable […]

Member Spotlight – Jeff Kubiatowicz!!

Member Spotlight We are super excited to announce Jeff Kubiatowicz as our most recent member spotlight!! Ever since Jeff joined us here at CrossFit Southie he has come in every single day with the best attitude and a hunger to learn and improve. We know we can always get an enthusiastic “great!!” from Jeff accompanied […]

Dips Sprints & New Mask Mandate Starts Today

The new Mask mandate starts today. Masks are to be worn at all times while in the box. We understand it may take some time getting used to training in a mask.  Scale down as need be, it will get easier with time. We sent out an email earlier in the week with mask options […]