Signs You May Be Under Eating


CrossFit as a sport consists of a constantly varied combination of gymnastics, conditioning and strength movements- all of which require high energy and strength reserves to pull from. If you’re not fueling yourself properly, these reserves will be depleted resulting in difficulty keeping on muscle and hitting PRs!

We live in a society obsessed with diet culture and it’s becoming more and more common for people to not eat enough in comparison to the amount of energy they expend.

Check out the slides below to see if you might fall into this camp! If you have questions or feel overwhelmed – reach out to Coach Sarah to get set up with some nutrition coaching. Read more about nutrition coaching HERE.

2 Rounds
30s On|10s Off
-Romanian Deadlift**
-Singles alternating feet
-Seated Strict Press
-Singles High Knees
-Glute Bridges with BB

*Round 2 – Double Unders or Attempts
**Round 2 – Good Morning

Rig Warm-Up – All With an ab mat between your feet*
2 Rounds
-10 Shoulder Activators
-10 Hip Touches
-10 Kip Swing with Towel/Abmat Between Feet

*3 Burpee penalty for dropping the towel

3 Reps

WOD (15 Min Cap)
3 Rounds
20 Pull-ups
75 Double Unders
10 Deadlifts 275|185

Level 3- 245|165, 60 Double Unders, 15 Pull-ups
Level 2- 215|135, 35 Double Unders, 10 Pull-ups
Level 1- 155|105, 150 Singles
ADV – 315|205, 20 C2B

20 Pull-ups should be close to unbroken on the 1st set if planning to do RX

Extra Work
3 Sets:
5 Squat Snatch 165|115
4 Squat Snatch 185|125
3 Squat Snatch 205|135
2 Squat Snatch 225|145
1 Squat Snatch 245|155
– Rest 3:00 between sets

Scale by determining your heavy single weight and working backwards for the sets before. Ie 205 would be 5@165