Dips Sprints & New Mask Mandate Starts Today


The new Mask mandate starts today. Masks are to be worn at all times while in the box.
We understand it may take some time getting used to training in a mask.  Scale down as need be, it will get easier with time. We sent out an email earlier in the week with mask options designed for easier breathing while working out.  We also ordered a bunch of mask inserts to hand out, see one of the coaches if you want to give one a shot during the WOD.

5:00 AMRAP
15/12 Calorie Row
30 Second Ring Support*
5 Push Press Wall Balls**
5 Wall Balls**

*Sub in High Plank/Wall Hold
**Sub in 5 Empty Barbell Push Push Press and 5 Empty Barbell Thursters.

Make note of where you are at the 3:00 mark to help with scaling options for the WOD


-Alphabet Plank On Medball
-Leg Lowers

Then 10 Leg Lowers
Then 10 Leg Lowers
Then 10 Leg Lowers
Then 10 Leg Lowers

X Calorie Row
X Ring Dips*
X Wallballs

*Sub = Box|Bench Dips or Push Ups

RX- 15|12 Cals, 9/6, 15 
Level 3- 15|12 Cals, 9/6, 10
Level 2- 12|10 Cals, 7/4, 10 Push Ups
Level 1- 10|8 Cals, 8 Push-Ups, 8
RX+ – 18|15, 12/9, 10 WB 30|20
ADV- 20|16 Cals,15/12, 15 WB 30|20

**The first round you should have 45s – 1 minute of rest

Extra Work
Part 1
8:00 EMOM
ODD – 3-5 Wall Climbs
EVEN – 10 Strict Toes To Bar or Leg Raises

Rest 2:00

Then for time

Part 2 – 10:00 CAP
21 – 15 – 9
Strict Press 95|65
GHD Sit Ups

Rest 2:00

Then for time

Part 3 – 100’ Handstand Walk*

Coach’s Note – Middle portion shouldn’t be more than 10:00 and the HSW is meant to be a sprint. Scale accordingly

ADV – 200’ HSW

Scaling Options
15 – 12 – 9
Ab Mat Sit Ups
90s of HSW Attempts