Member Spotlight – Jeff Kubiatowicz!!


Member Spotlight
We are super excited to announce Jeff Kubiatowicz as our most recent member spotlight!! Ever since Jeff joined us here at CrossFit Southie he has come in every single day with the best attitude and a hunger to learn and improve. We know we can always get an enthusiastic “great!!” from Jeff accompanied by a smile when we ask how everyone’s doing:) He sets a great example for his peers by constantly striving to improve technique while pushing the heavy weights. And this past month or so Jeff is a glowing example of how dedication yields great results! In a matter of weeks Jeff nailed down his toes to bar, chin over bar pull ups, and chest to bar pull ups – an absolutely incredible feat!! We’re thrilled to have Jeff as a member at CrossFit Southie:) To learn a little more about Jeff read his interview below!

Name: Jeff Kubiatowicz

Profession: Management Consultant for Non-Profit Leadership Teams

When did you start at Crossfit Southie? The end of July 2020

What is your Favorite movement and WOD? Well, burpees, box jumps and the variations on each came easily for me. Because I’m thin and sort of wiry, there’s just less of me to move around so I could do them right away and feel successful. However, after a lot of work, I just recently started to be able to do legit kipping pull-ups and toes-to-bar, so that’s my new favorite now. I still can’t believe that I can actually do them. I try to make every day’s WOD my favorite work out — it’s better if I just do what’s on the board and don’t have too much of an opinion about it.

Which Class do you Frequent? I’m usually at the 4:00pm class on Monday — Wednesday and then something morning-ish on Friday and Saturday. Thursday and Sunday are my days off.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? At 52 years old, my first goal in doing CrossFit was to not die on the floor of your facility. Second, was to not get seriously hurt. Third, was to make it a regular habit to go five times per week. I’ve managed to nail all three so far.

What are your Fitness Goals? Prior to starting CrossFit, I’d dropped 40 pounds — from 195 to 155 — by managing my nutrition and walking. I certainly liked those results but I quickly realized that while I was indeed skinny, I wasn’t particularly strong and to my surprise I didn’t really feel all that great. I’ve hung out at about 155 since starting CrossFit. My goal right now is to put on some muscle mass — would like to stay lean and get to 160 by the end of the summer — I mean, I’m as vain as the next guy right? My other, and really, much more important goal around fitness is to maintain consistency. If I continue to suit up, show up, and do the work, the results will take care of themselves. If I make this an integral part of my life, I’m pretty sure good things will continue to happen.

What is your Favorite Part of Crossfit? Oh, man. What’s NOT to like about CrossFit? One favorite existential part is that CrossFit does not ask me to think. I just show up, do whatever I’m told, as hard and as well as I possibly can, and I’m a success. In my life, my “thinking” can be my worst enemy sometimes and I really appreciate the chance to just show up and use my body. I also have to say how grateful I am for the culture at CrossFit Southie. From my management consulting experience, I can be pretty sure that this is rooted in Goose and Amy’s leadership and personal value system which naturally attracts coaches who share those values which naturally attracts members who share those values as well. From the minute I set foot in the place, I felt welcome from all directions and I really appreciate that. I’m excited to come see you guys every day.

How did you get involved in CrossFit and what was your first WOD/experience? In July of 2020, I found myself working at a job in Savin Hill that I absolutely hated. I mean, hated everything about it to the point that I was clinically depressed and my husband was seriously concerned about my well-being. Not good. To make matters worse, despite the fact that we were in the middle of the pandemic and all of my work could be completed remotely, my boss insisted that I come into the office every day. Since I refused to take public transportation at that time, I decided that I would walk from the South End along Dorchester Ave to Savin Hill. It was along that walk that I happened to notice a bunch of very fit — obviously crazy — people doing ridiculous things with barbells in the parking lot of what looked like a warehouse building. It looked really difficult. It was really hot outside. Everyone looked much younger than me. And I couldn’t stop thinking about trying it. On July 26, 2020 I took a deep breath, quit the job, and joined CrossFit Southie. In the eight months since, I’ve had a total turn-around. The depression evaporated almost instantaneously — seriously. Gone. My body feels great. And, really, I don’t mind being sore all the time — I take it as a reminder of my progress. I sort of have to laugh when I look at myself in the mirror — at 52, I really don’t look too bad!

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit? CrossFit actually is my hobby. Since I quit my job, I’ve had to hustle and put in some hours to pick up some consulting gigs which I really don’t mind as the work seems to suit me well. I enjoy my time in the kitchen, too — once this pandemic wraps up, I’m looking forward to hosting some really high-maintenance dinners for all the people that I haven’t gotten to see.

What’s a “Fun Fact” about you? I used to be a Broadway performer. My claim to fame is the 1994 Broadway production of “Carousel” which was Audra McDonald’s (and my!) Broadway debut and which won five Tony Awards. It was a pretty heady time for a young man living in New York and I’m deeply grateful for my good fortune. If you happen to listen to the original cast recording, you may notice a familiar solo voice on the “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over” track — something about “the saplin’s are bustin’ out with sap” as I recall.

What did you do for exercise while CFS was closed during quarantine? Not a damned thing. Unless you count “couch cushion compressions” as an exercise.

15|10 Cals Bike*
10 Air Squats
20 Double Under or 40 Singles
10 Alternating Lunges
3 Inchworms with 3 Push Ups each time

*Schwinn Cals = 22|15

Ring Dip
Strict MUP

1. Back Squat- 5 Reps
2. Bike 15|10 Calories
3. Rest

Gymnastics/Skill WOD
2 Rounds

In 2 Minutes
15|10 Ring Dips
Then Max Effort Double Unders

-Rest 1 Min-

In 2 Minutes
16 Pistols
Then Max Effort Toes to Bar

Rest 1 Minute

*Max Effort is one large set, unless you are still developing the skill, which should be practice until the buzzer

RX+= 5|3 Muscle-ups
ADV- 5|3- Strict Muscle-ups

Extra Work
Bench Press* 135|95
GHD Sit Ups

ADV – 155|105

*Choose a weight where you can complete the Bench Press in no more than 2 sets each time