Benchmark: Max Weight Clean & Jerk + 1 Mile Test


Save the Date for our 5th Annual Scavenger Hunt & Anniversary Party: Saturday, October 3rd
Please join us for our 5th Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt! What the heck is this?…let me explain. On Saturday, October 3rd at 9 am we will gather into groups of 5-7 people based on ability level. We are meeting at the Park Street T station. Each group will need one smart phone, and you will have 90 minutes to capture pictures of the movements listed below at different Boston landmarks of your choice. You must travel on foot, no transportation! If you are not a strong runner, we will group you with others of a similar ability level so that you will not feel pressured to run further than you feel comfortable. However, keep in mind that this is your workout for the day. This is supposed to serve as an endurance WOD. In the past one group hit up the South Bay Center, while another group went down to Fenway park, and the third group hit up the North End. Many of the coaches will be participating too! You don’t want to miss out, it is a great opportunity to get to know people!

The movements are listed below, you can capture other movements in addition to these:
* Handstands
* L-sits
* Pistols
* Box jumps
* Overhead squats
* Pull-ups
* Burpees
* Kettlebell Swings

We want you to be as creative as possible. Try to use props, use tourists, create scenarios, quick videos, KB swings with gallons of milk, make this entertaining. When was the last time you explored the city on foot? You will have 90 minutes to complete this task, and trust me it will be a hell of a workout. The group that has the the best set of pictures will win. This event does not count towards your weekly total for classes. Everyone is welcome, and don’t forget to wear your Southie gear!

If you’d like to participate, please click HERE to sign up!

Later that evening, we’ll be hosting our 5 Year Anniversary Party! We can’t believe CrossFit Southie has been around for five years, and we hope that you’ll all join us to celebrate five years of fitness, fun and community. If you’ve been to our parties before, you know these are always a good time. If not, these are a great opportunity to meet new people, socialize with your gym buddies in a different setting, and see what everybody looks like outside of their gym clothes! We hope you can all join us for a fun night out!

We’ve got the upstairs room at Wild Rover reserved from 7-10pm, and we know the party will continue on much after that. Skip the line when you mention CrossFit Southie at the door, and no cover until 10pm. There will be some light apps served in the beginning of the night, so be sure to get there early to avoid the cover, grab some food, and get the party started early. Be there or be square!

Nutrition Challenge weigh ins and baseline measurements tonight during evening classes! Be sure to stop by the desk! If you can’t make it in today, we’ll also be hosting weigh ins tomorrow and Thursday during morning and evening classes. See you then!

Work up to a 1RM
Clean and Jerk

1 Mile Run for Time

Scores/Comments for Max Clean & Jerk + 1 Mile Test on 9/16/14

Conditioning Class: WOD
3 Rounds
300m Shuttle Run*
Rest 3 minutes

This is the Bruins’ off-ice conditioning test. Each round must be completed in under 1 minute. This year, all three first-round draft picks failed the test. Can you pass?
*Run is to be completed in 50m intervals. Run from 200m to 300m line and then back three times to complete 300 meters.

Rest 5 minutes

100m Sprint

Conditioning Class: Core
With a medicine ball
15 Right side twists
20 Knee Tucks
25 V-Ups
20 Knee Tucks
15 Left side twists