For those of you that have not met Steph, she is the absolute coolest. We are excited to bring on board as part of the team as a yoga instructor. She will be debuting this Sunday at 10am! That’s right New Years Day, start 2012 off right.  Steph will be teaching on the 1st,8th and then every other Sunday going forward. Here is Steph’s story:

Stephanie walked into her first yoga class 6 years ago and instantly
became hooked. She is currently half-way through the Yoga Alliance 200
hour teacher certification at South Boston Yoga. She will be debuting
her teaching skills with her favorite crossfit community, and any
feedback would be greatly appreciated. Since becoming an avid
crossfitter in April 2011, Stephanie has noticed a great improvement
in her yoga practice. To her, yoga and crossfit perfectly compliment
each other. Outside of power snatching and headstanding, Stephanie has
a PhD in Anatomy and Neurobiology, and studies lipid metabolism in
Alzheimer’s disease at Mass General Hospital. She is fascinated by the
mind/body connection, and her classes will primarily focus on
breathwork and movement, along with some relaxation and stress-relief.
Yoga isn’t just about flexibility – it’s about rebalancing the body,
which can make for more efficient crossfit movements.

I am also very excited to announce that Kim is returning! Kim taught yoga until she left us to give birth to a very beautiful, healthy baby girl Stella Wallace. Kim will be teaching every other Sunday starting the 15th. This means that there will be yoga every Sunday at 10am going forward.

Squat Clean

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
5 Pull-ups
3 Front Squats (155,105)
1 Shoulder to overhead (155,105)

Level 2 (135,75)
Level 1
ADV (185,115) 5 C2B or Butterfly (whichever needs more work) or 2 Bar Muscle-ups/round

For every minute you take off or DNF, row 500m.

Today is a really great day to work on your pull-ups! If you are on a green, try a blue. If you are a blue try a red. If you just got unassisted pull-ups and 5 is too many try 2 or 3. If you have pull-ups but want to work on your butterfly pull-ups give it a shot. If you have butterflies try to work on your chest to bar butterflies, do what you can and integrate them with regular C2B pull-ups. Just make sure hat whatever you choose you can maintain for 10 minutes!