Why Do You CrossFit?

Shivani works on her flexibility
Shivani works on her flexibility

 Crossfit Southie Networking event:

 Tomorrow – Thursday January 16 @ Stephi’s in Southie from 6:00 to 9:00 PM

 There will be a raffle for 2 Tickets to Celtics game 1/29 against the 76ers!!!

Come out for a casual night of networking with Southie Gym members.  

If you have any questions, please e-mail   [email protected] or [email protected]

A few weeks ago, Joel came to me and told me he wanted to get stronger. Specifically, he wanted to improve his back squat and front squat numbers. We set out to find the right approach for his specific goals, and we settled on the Hatch program – a high volume, intense squatting program. A week or two into the program, Joel sent me this email:

I have been doing some thinking about Hatch and I think I am going to shelf it for the time being. It is definitely working and making me stronger but I don’t think my body can handle it and keep doing the stuff I love to do. The first couple JoelSkiingweeks of the ski season were amazing…my legs were indestructible. I really couldn’t believe how much stronger they were compared to last the Spring. Then I started Hatch and my legs were destroyed by the time Saturday rolled around. Just like I couldn’t believe how strong they were a month ago…I couldn’t believe how destroyed they were after a Hatch week.

This got me thinking…why do I CrossFit? As much as I want to be able to throw around big weight, the real reason I come to the box everyday is to be in shape for the outdoor activities that fill my weekends. It would be awesome to have a fast Fran time/a big back squat/and on and on but I don’t really want that more than I want my legs to function well for two whole ski days a week. I thought I would be able to have both at the same time but my body is telling me different. And if I have learned anything in my time at Southie it is to listen to your body.

It is strange how you become a little obsessed with chasing PR’s and being stronger and loose sight of what really keeps you coming to the gym. When I really think about it I don’t care how much I can lift. I just want to be healthy and be able to hike, ski and bike without getting short of breath.

Joel was worried I’d be bummed he was foregoing our plan, but I was pysched! Joel’s realization and attitude is something we can all learn from. CrossFit is hard, and we all wouldn’t continue to show up if it weren’t for a reason. For some of us, the reason may be to compete one day; but for many of us, it’s not. So why do you CrossFit? Is it so that you can continue to play in pick up basketball games? Or maybe to fit into your clothes better? Or maybe so that you can chase your kids around the house? Reminding yourself of the true reason why you are here every day can help quiet your frustrations after a bad day, help you keep your fitness goals in perspective, and make the time you spend here fun. Why do YOU CrossFit? Post to comments!

Partner Wallball
2 for 1 wallball

Partner WOD
Row 2000m switching every 250m
200 double Unders
25 Partner Wallballs
50 Partner medball sit-ups
25 Partner wallballs
200 Double Unders
Row 2000m switching every 250m

Level 2- 100 double unders
Level 1-Row 1500m, 200 singles