Wednesday 7/30 – Olympic Lifting Class

quigley background

Warm Up
10 front squats with 5 second pause at bottom
10 push press
5 clean
5 split jerk

Quad mash with barbell – :60/side
10 kossak squats/side

Clean & Jerk
6 x 1 @ 90%
3 x 3 @ 70%

Tall Snatch
5 x 2 – stay light

3 minute hollow rock test

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  • jason barrow

    07/31/2014 @ 12:53 am

    You know how every so often there will be a milestone blog post listing everyone’s recent PRs? Next time around it needs to say that the 7PM Oly class had more athletes than the vanilla 7PM class. We also PR’d our location, outgrowing the back area and taking over The Toaster, we were even missing some regulars tonight. It’s so freakin’ cool that so many people are excited about weightlifting and want to work at getting better. This isn’t a class for the best oly lifters Southie has, it’s for everyone. Most importantly, WE FINALLY HAVE JOEL ON BOARD THE OLY TRAIN!

    C&J @ 90% – 6x165x1
    C&J @ 70% – 3x135x3
    Tall Snatch – 5xbarx2
    Hollow Rocks – 31
    Looking forward to the next 1RM retest, 90% felt like 9%!!!!

    Being able to rest as long as you were in a superman hold made the cashout somewhat fun. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to Joel’s Barbell Clean Broad Jump. Whoever owns the phone containing that gem needs to post it up.

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