Competitors: 3 Ways To Prepare For The Southie Showdown!


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Normal schedule today and Sunday
Monday – Columbus Day – We will be running a Reduced Schedule with All Levels Classes in Southie Green only at 530am, 630, 9,11, noon, 4, 5, 6 & 7pm.
There will not be any classes held in Southie Orange and no bootcamp class. Bootcampers come take general class!

3 Ways To Prepare for The Showdown
Calling all competitors. The Showdown is 5 weeks away and we can feel your excitement for the event ramping up! We wanted to take a minute to spread some advice on how to prepare for the weekend! Read on for some helpful tips

Conroy crushing “Ninja Warrior”

1. Skill Work
It’s common to have a movement or two that you’re hoping doesn’t come up in competition. Whether it be a class wod, the open or the showdown, most of us know that feeling of “Ugh (fill in the blank) is in this WOD.” Instead of hoping your weakness doesn’t show up, it’s time to face it head on. While you may not become an expert over the next five weeks, you can certainly improve on your skills.
Take 10 to 15 minutes before of after class to focus on your skill. For example; let’s say you’d like to improve on Double Unders and Pull Ups. After warming up both movements, set a clock for a ten minute EMOM. On the odd minutes perform twenty to fifty dubs or attempts and on the even minutes perform five to ten pull ups, ring rows or negative pull-ups, depending on where you are on your pull up journey. Dedicating this time two times a week can pay off over a few weeks time. Another option would be to look at the extra work for the week (which is always posted on the blog and written on the boards in the toaster) and pick a wod that has your focus movements in it.

2.Turn The Jets On
Unless this is your first time competing you are familiar with the fact that on the competition floor we always go harder than in a class wod. Between now and the showdown it can be beneficial to increase that threshold. Each week pick one WOD or two where you don’t “game plan” the WOD and try pushing harder than you’d like to. Here are a few tips to help you with that. Let’s say the WOD you’re about to do calls for “50 wall ball shots”. Your mind may automatically say “OK, that’ll be fifteen fifteen ten ten.” Instead of this plan, try doing two sets or three at the most. Make it uncomfortable and barely doable.
Another way to push harder is by limiting your rest. If you do break up that wall ball more than three times, give yourself no more than five seconds of rest. Pick up the ball before you want to.
It can also be as simple as telling yourself in your workout to push a little harder than you want to. If you’re on the rower and going at your comfortable to not so comfortable pace, increase your speed just a bit. You don’t have to go all out but you can go just a little harder than you’d like to.

Coach Brian….ALL OUT

These moments of pushing through will increase your training threshold and make you more comfortable pushing in competition. Class is the perfect time to put these strategies into practice, where you don’t have much to lose. Ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?” You come out too hot and get a less than desirable time or score. Now ask yourself, “What’s the best that can happen?” You push the pace more than you want to and you perform way better than you thought possible. Outside of competition this approach can be beneficial.

3. Pay More Attention To Recovery and Nutrition
The showdown is a two day competition. Recovery is going to be very important. If you’re an athlete that doesn’t spend a lot of time warming up, mobilizing and thinking about post WOD nutrition, now is the time to start! You will be on your own for warm ups before each event. Start practicing and playing around with how to mobilize and prep your body for the task at hand. You can always ask your coaches here at CFS for help with warm up ideas and mobilizing techniques. For some nutrition guidance check out Coach Booty’s Gameday nutrition post HERE and rule number one, do not eat or try anything new competition weekend.

In It Together

Lastly go into this knowing it’s going to be a fun weekend!! There will for sure be highlights. There also may be a work-out where your performance is one to learn from and take away some things to work on in the future. There will be over 250 athletes here. Take the opportunity to meet some new people between events, support others and make some new friends ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re so excited to see you all compete, you make us all so proud by just stepping onto that competition floor.

Dynamic Drills and Partner band resisted across the floor
-Partner band high knees
-Partner band side shuffle
-Partner band run
-lat plank walk
-bear crawl
– Partner band run again

Partner Stretching

Partner WOD
In 6 Minutes Complete-
800m Sandbag Run *

Rest 2 Minutes

In 6 Minutes Complete
600m Sandbag Run*
Toes to Bar

Rest 2 Minutes

In 6 Minutes Complete
400m Sandbag Run*
Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean (50,35)

Rest 2 Minutes

In 6 Minutes Complete
200m Sandbag Run*
Bike for Calories

*Both partners run together and switch the sandbag when they choose

Level 2 – 600-400-300-200
Level 1 – 400-300-200-100
*Toes to Bar Sub= Sit-ups
Score= Total Reps

Extra Work
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squats
1 Jerks

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  • Trevor

    10/06/2018 @ 4:27 pm

    Short But Heavy

    Deadlift: Heavy 2’s release hands between reps. (No bounce)
    5×2 @335 across

    DB Bench: 5×5 @70s across

    Weighted GHDs: 6×10 (10/15/20/20/20/20)

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