2021 Goal Setting!

Mask On…Bars Up

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New Year…..New Goals!
Who’s ready to start the New Year off on the right foot?! We’d like to kick off 2021 by setting some goals related to our overall health and fitness as well as some specific CrossFit Focused goals. Goal setting can be overwhelming when we don’t have a plan or road map in place to get there. Check out some quick tips below on how to set yourself up for success in the new year! 

With the wide variety of modalities, variables and time domains involved in CrossFit, it is often difficult knowing where to start to get better.  The best bet is to pick one skill at a time, set a SMARTer goal and take the necessary steps to reach that goal.

Danny & Zara always setting goals for themselves!

S – Specific. Don’t be vague “I want to be stronger” is too general, instead say “I will deadlift 200 lbs by March 15th”

M – Measurable. This goes along with the last one, make sure you can measure your success. Ex. I want to do Fran Rx in under 5 minutes

A – Achievable. If your “Fran” is currently 10 minutes with 45lbs and a purple band, you are likely biting off more than you can chew. The same applies to strength goals, If you’re deadlift max currently stands at 180 lbs, then 200 lbs is within reach. 

R – Relevant.   Choose a goal specific to your weakness and not your strengths which will ultimately bring up your overall fitness. Everyone likes to work on things they’re already good at, it’s easier to feel successful this way. The harder choice is to get uncomfortable working on your weaknesses.

T – Timely.   You’ve set the date now get moving!  Work with your coaches to put a plan in action and work your plan! 

E – Evaluate.   At the end of your deadline where do you stand? Above or below your goal? What could you have done differently? Then..

R – Reevaluate.  200 lbs in the book? Shoot for 225 lbs next month OR come up with a completely new goal to achieve!

Goals are accomplished through coming up with a plan and having the discipline to put in the work to achieve them.  Such things as recording your workouts, preparing your meals, staying after class to work on skills, spending less time on social media/watching tv, waking up earlier with a morning routine may all be integral parts of the plan.  Your coaches at CFS want to be part of that plan.  We have put together a GOALS Form for each of you to fill out.  In doing so, even being out of the gym we can work together to develop a plan and help guide you along the way to achieving those goals.

Lastly, let’s not lose sight of our small accomplishments along the way. Small achievements in other areas are just as important and add momentum toward the goals we’ve set. Switching from a blue band to a red, or a new personal record is something we want to know about!  Write down all your achievements along the way so we can celebrate them!


:45 on/:15 Rest & Rotate

  1. High knees
  2. Hollow Hold
  3. Butt Kickers
  4. Overhead Object Hold
  5. Burpee Lateral Tuck Jumps
  6. Active Squat Hold
  7. Alternating Step Ups or Jumping Jacks  

Quad Stretch
Calf Stretch

1 Tempo Front Squat 3-5-X-1*
1 Elevator front Squat**

*3s Negative, 5s Pause in the Bottom, Explode Up, 1s Reset at the Top

**On the way down and up, 1 Second Pause at the Quarter, 1 at the half, 1 at the bottom

-If you have a mini band add that around your knees. Keep the weight light and work on positioning

On a Running Clock, each for Time-
Thruster 95|65
Box Jump*

Thruster 115|75
Box Jump

Thruster 135|95
Box Jump

*Sketchy Thing to Jump On? – Sub Step Ups
*No Box?  Sub Tuck Jumps

*The first portion of the workout should take no longer than 4 minutes – please scale the weight and or reps appropriately or prepare for a world of pain.

Pop Up WOD Version
Pick a heavier weight and stick with it the entire time.
If you choose 135/95, stick with 9-6-3 Thruster Reps for each workout.
If you chose 115/75 stick with 15-12-9 Thruster reps for each workout.
If you choose 95/65, stick with 21-15-9 Thruster reps each workout. 

Box Jump reps still start at 21-15-9 and decrease each round. 

*The first portion of the workout should take no longer than 4 minutes – scale the weight and or reps appropriately.

Extra Work/Core Ca$h Out
4 Rounds
45s work: 15s rest
-Flutter Kicks
-Russian Twists
-Plank – ADV – Bird Dog Plank
-Superman hold