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Phil - Cast or no cast, he gets it done
Phil – Cast or no cast, he gets it done

Weekly Strength/Benchmark Schedule

CrossFit Southie On the Greenway – THIS TUESDAY 8/23Reebok-Modells-CrossFit-Southie-Instagram-2000x2000
CrossFit Southie is teaming up with Reebok and Modell’s to host a free CrossFit Bootcamp workout this Tuesday, August 23rd. This will be a beginner-friendly workout that anyone can participate in. If you have a friend who has been interested in trying CrossFit, this would be a perfect chance for them to try it out! The workout will be led by some of your CrossFit Southie coaches and there will be light snacks and refreshments provided by Bai Juice and Kind Bars. For more details or to sign up, click HERE.

GHD Sit-up

Strict Press

-Between sets work on GHD technique

4 Rounds
1 Minute at Each Staion then Rotate
1. Assault Bike
2. Ring dips
3. GHD sit-ups
4. Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1)
5. Rest

Level 2/1- Abmat Sit-ups


At Home WOD
100 Hollow Rocks
80 Push Ups
60 Jumping Squats
40 Burpees

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