Southie Showdown WOD Announcement: “Hulk Salad”

In this event, barbells will start unloaded. Athletes are responsible for loading their own barbells and confirming their weight with their judge before each attempt. Clips are required for each attempt. Athletes can take as many attempts as they choose, and can add/remove weight from the barbell as desired. Hands must stay on the barbell for the entirety of the complex. After completing the 2 power cleans, the barbell cannot pass below the shoulders.

Power Clean
Both side of the barbell must start touching the ground at the same time. The hips may not pass below parallel in the catch (no squat cleans!). Split cleans are allowed. Athletes must stand to full extension with their feet under their hips at the top of each rep.

Front Squat
Combining the 2nd power clean and the 1st front squat into a squat clean is NOT permitted. No genie squats will be allowed. At the bottom of the rep, hip crease must clearly pass below the knee. Athletes must stand to full extension at the top of each rep in order for it to count.

Shoulder to Overhead

Combining the 2nd front squat and 1st shoulder to overheard into a thruster is NOT permitted. Any type of jerk is allowed. At the top of each rep, athletes must stand to full extension with their feet under the hips and clear control of the barbell in order for the rep to count. If the athlete fails the jerk, he/she can reattempt as long as the barbell does not pass below the shoulders.

Each lane will contain the following equipment:
1 Barbell (45# for men, 35# for women)
2 Pair 45# Plates
1 Pair 25# Plates
1 Pair 15# Plates
1 Pair 10# Plates
1 Pair 5# Plates
1 Pair 2.5# Plates