Soak It Up Saturday


Carly will be hosting Complimentary 15 minute Physical Therapy Screenings this morning at 740, 845, 9, 920, 940am. Sign up through our google sheet link below or email [email protected]

Physical therapy screenings are performed on those who may have pain, tightness, mobility limitations, and/or weakness. These screenings include basic tests that measure range of motion, motor control, strength, & flexibility. Based on these findings, the physical therapist will give you an opinion on the best path of treatment.

You can reserve your appointment through the following link:

Outdoors Primarily
400M Run


8:00 EMOM
-10 BB Roll Outs
-20 Box Crunches
-5 Muscle Cleans from each position
-20 Side Hip Raises with Feet On The Box (10 Each Side)


400M Run

Calf Rolling
Calf Stretching

Power Cleans 135|95
Burpee Box Jumps
600m Run After Each Set

Level 3 135|95
Level 2 115|75
Level 1 95|55
ADV- 155|105, 27|24 inch box

Extra Work
DB Box Step Overs 50’s|35’s
50ft HS Walk after each set*

*scale to 25ft or 3 Wall Climbs