Snatch Seminar Today & Southie On The Beach Tomorrow!

Foam Rolling = Move Better
Snatch Seminar!
Join us Saturday 8/11 for a Special Oly/Snatch Seminar with coach Yosh! You’ll have a whole hour dedicated to this technical movement! Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or new to the game, you will benefit from this session. We’ll break down the Snatch and help you with different drills and progressions you can use to improve on this movement.
Chad Setting Up

Southie On The Beach
*** We Are still on for our Sunday Event. If it rains we will be at Southie Bowl at Noon and Brunch after! Please check Instagram and/or our FB group HERE for details

Join us for another Southie Social in the sand! We’ll have volleyball matches going on throughout the day, no pre-registration required!! We’ll make teams and rotate as the day goes on. If volleyball isn’t your thing don’t worry! Come down and hang out with us, we’ll also have cornhole and spikeball!
Party starts at 10AM but feel free to stop in at anytime.
Date/Time: Sunday, 8/12 at 10AM
Location: Carson Beach, Southie!

Southie On The Beach last year!

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Don’t be shy! We have some great scaling options 🙂

Warm Up
In 4 minutes
Run 1 Loop
AMRAP Burpees

Rope climb

30 Clean and jerks (135,95)
Run 1 mile
10 Rope climb ascents
Run 1 mile
100 Burpees

Level 3- (115,75); 1065m Runs (2 loops) 5 Rope Climbs; 75 Burpees
Level 2- (95,55); 800m Runs; 10 Pull to Stands; 50 Burpees
Level 1- 20 Clean and jerks (75,35), 535m Run (1 loop), 30 Ring Rows, 30 Burpees

Coaches Note: If you cannot complete Grace in under 5 minutes PLEASE scale the weight.

-Stretch calves and chest post workout

Results/Comments from 8/5/2017

Extra Work
5 / 4 pegboard climbs
40 thrusters, 85 / 55 lb.
33-ft. yoke carry, add weight
33-ft. yoke carry, add weight
33-ft. yoke carry

scale pegboards and yokes as necessary

Intimidated by the WOD? – instead,complete pegboards as a skill and work up to a heavy 50m on the yoke