Body Weight Strong Seminar This Sunday!

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Body Weight Strong Seminar – Feb 3rd..8am-12pm

The complete blue print for athletes and coaches that want to develop a foundation for a completely new way of training.
In this course Dr. Hendricks will teach the 4 pillars of upper body strength training and how this concept should be introduced to athletes of any age or skill level.
From bent-arm and straight-arm strength progressions, to hand balancing and weighted stretching, to break into new movement patterns. This course will leave you with actionable systems to immediately implement with you and your athletes. The link to register is here.

3 Rounds
250m Row
10 Good Mornings
10 Scap Push Ups

Chest Rolling and Stretching

Deadlift- 2 Reps
– Slow Negative (3-2-1 count)
– 75-80% or whatever keeps the best form

4 Rounds
500m Row
25 Push-ups

Level 2- 20 Push-ups
Level 1- 15 Push-ups
ADV- Ring Push-ups- If you can complete 15-20 Push-ups give it a try

Conditioning (4:45 in Southie Orange)
10 Rounds for Time
15/12 Calorie Ski
35 Double unders
5 Burpee Pull-ups

*Share ski ergs and if the class is very big rowers can be used as well- 20/15 would be L4


  • Sean Flannery

    01/31/2019 @ 7:23 pm

    Strength: 315# across
    WOD: 12:08 Adv

  • Elise

    01/31/2019 @ 2:11 am

    Just wondering if your Body Weight Strong Seminar is open to outside athletes or only Southie athletes? Thanks!


    • Retta

      01/31/2019 @ 1:41 pm

      Hi Elise! The seminar is open to all athletes. You can register in advance, or register on Sunday before the session. Looking forward to meeting you!

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