Showdown WOD “Cardio Sandwich” – Southie Showdown This Weekend!

Scott – Seated Box Jump

Schedule Update – All classes will be held in Southie Orange today.  We will not be running any classes this weekend as we are hosting the Southie Showdown.  All Crossfit Classes, Olympic Lifting Class, and Intro Class ARE CANCELLED this weekend. We are hosting the Showdown Saturday and Sunday.  Please sign up to judge/volunteer and/or come on by to cheer on the athletes.  Open gym will be in the toaster but not chalk allowed today 🙂

Early AM weekend WOD for Judges & Volunteers
Any judges and/or volunteers that are looking to workout out early AM before spectating Fitness all day – Goose will open at the gym, a low set up, minimal equipment WOD (think light weight, breathe heavy) will start at 630am and we will wrap up by 7am.  Come on by!

Run 200m with a plate then
45s on: 15s off
• Ground to Overhead
• Plate hops
• Burpee to Plate

Calf Rolling
Quad Smashing with the plate

“Cardio Sandwich”
1000m Row
535m Plate Run (45,25)
1000m Row
1070m Run
1000m Row

Scaled Version
750m Row
535m Plate Run (45,25)
750m Row
1065m Run
750m Row

Extra Work
100|75 Push ups*

*Everytime you break and on the 3-2-1 go perform 10 db hang squat cleans 50|35