Showdown WOD Announcement: 3RM Overhead Squat

In this event, barbells will start in the rack, unloaded. Athletes can adjust the height of their rack prior to the start of the event. All competitors will use a 45-lb barbell. Judges will not help load barbells. Clips must be on the bar in order for each attempt to count.

Each athlete will have a designated box to perform their lift. The entire lift (including getting the barbell overhead) must be completed within this box. Stepping out of the box or dropping the barbell outside of the box will result in an automatic no rep.

For safety reasons, the barbell MUST be dropped to the floor in front of the athlete at the end of each rep. No lowering barbells onto the shoulders will be allowed. Athletes will be responsible for cleaning the weight or stripping weight off of the barbell to get it back on the rack; judges will not assist.

Overhead Squat
Hip crease must pass clearly below the knee at the bottom of each rep. At the top, athletes must reach full hip extension and show control before descending into the next rep or dropping the barbell at the end of the set.