Scavenger Hunt Teams

Hey Guys. Below are the teams for tomorrow’s scavenger hunt! Each team has a team captain. The team captain is in charge of making sure their group stays together, and that the pictures from the hunt get sent to Amy ([email protected]) by 3pm on Saturday so we can put them into a slideshow. If you forgot to sign up and want to hop on a team, please email Amy. Remember we are meeting at Park Street at 9AM in our CrossFit Southie Gear!

Team 1
Goose- Team Captain
Taylor Short
Kevin Burke
Kristen Colvin

Team 2
Tina-Mo- Team Captain
Mel Olinto
Eugene Kim
Andrea Cooke
Sarah P

Team 3
Steph Soscia- Team Captain
Brandon Rios
Jay Meyers
Kelly McClure
Kevin Callahan
Kary Callahan
Meghan Howard
Nicole Ramirez
Janet Harris

Team 4
Retta- Team Captain
Nicole Z
Leslie Niekerk
Jenny merwin
Andrew Stafford
Caitlin Grasso
Amanda Giles

Team 5
Lando- Team Captain
Shelby Keys
Melissa Hicks
Tom Bavin
Kaitlyn Emerick

Team 6
Lexi- Team Captain
Andrea Mosher
Katie Daley
Lindsay Bulso
Peter Nakitare
Joe Breed
Hanson Gong