Saturday Springtime Sleddin’ (No babysitting today)

Saturday Fun

Reminder: there is NO babysitting today. Thank you!

Dorchester Day 5K!
Head out for some functional fitness with a local 5K! The Project DEEP & Blarney Stone Dorchester Day 5K is happening this Sunday! Each registration includes a wristband for the post-race BBQ at the Blarney Stone! Additional wristbands & merchandise are available for purchase on race day. Registration opens onsite at 11AM and The Race begins at 12PM. Additional race details can be found below!

The race will benefit Project D.E.E.P. which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational program, which operates through collaborations with Boston Centers for Youth & Families and Mayor Martin J. Walsh, and charitable institutions like the Boston Foundation. For more information on the race and Project D.E.E.P. click HERE

In Teams of 3
5 Minutes Max Cal on Ski Erg or Rower
*1 Partner is always working on Ski Erg or Rower. Partner 2 is performing burpees pull ups.
Partner 3 is holding a plank. Rotate as desired.

ADV – Hollow Hold or L-Sit Pull up Hang

Quad Mash
Calf Mash

In Teams of 3:
100 Power Snatches (95,65)
100 Burpee Pull-ups
100 Cal Ski Erg or Row

After completing the snatches, burpee pull ups & ski/row, complete:
800m Sled Push as a Team (3×45#/2×45#)

*2 people can work at a time on the first part of the workout, but they need to be on different exercises. For example – One person does 10 calories on the ski erg/rower while partner 2 does 10 burpee pull-ups and partner 3 rests.

*For the sled push, perform 2x400m. Take turns pushing, or two people can work together to push at the same time.

Level 2- (75,55) 2×45#/1×45# Sled
Level 1- (65,35) 70 Reps, 1×45#, 1×25# Sled

Extra Work
5 Clean & Jerks 185/125
4 Clean & Jerks 205/145
3 Clean & Jerks 225/155
2 Clean & Jerks 245/175
1 Clean & Jerks 265/185
Rest 5 Minutes & Repeat