3 Person Team WORKOUT & Upcoming Snatch Seminar!

Squat Collage
Yosh is out today.  Oly class will be non-coached
Chad Setting Up
Snatch Seminar!
Join us next Saturday 8/11 for a Special Oly/Snatch Seminar with coach Yosh! You’ll have a whole hour dedicated to this technical movement! Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or new to the game, you will benefit from this session. We’ll break down the Snatch and help you with different drills and progressions you can use to improve on this movement.

In Teams of 3
P1- 200m Run
P2- Kettlebell Swings
P3- Inchworms w/ Push Ups

*Runner is the pace keeper. Once he/she returns from the 200m run, rotate.


Team WOD– 3 athletes
400m sled push- 3/2 plates
100 Pull-ups
100 KB Lunges (2,1.5)
2 mile/3200m Run (accumulative)
100 Kettlebell Swings
100 Push-ups**
400m sled push

Level 2 (1.5, 1pd )
Level 1 (1pd, 0.75pd)
ADV- Chest to Bar Pull-ups

*2 people work at a time throughout all of the movements. 2 people can even push the sled together if needed.

*The run is done in intervals. 2 people can run at once until 3200 meters has been completed total within the partnership. Plan this out before you start.

**2 people can work at once and those resting need to do so in a high plank. Work together and communicate for when to take breaks