Stadium Style Saturday – CFS

 Survey – Please HELP!
Hey Everyone, A friend of one of our members is completing a study for Grad school exploring CrossFit’s recent popularity among other trendy workout programs. Her hypothesis is that it stems not only from it being able to fulfill the human desire of being part of a group, but also from successful brand awareness. She has created the CrossFit Survey <5 minute survey to test this hypothesis.
If anyone is interested in participating please fill out the CrossFit Survey and email back to [email protected] by this Sunday. Thank You!!!!!

Sled Push
DB Snatch

Teams of 3- Stadium Style (Everyone works at once)
4 Rounds
16 Pull-ups
14 Alternating DB Snatches (50,35)
200m Run
Once the 4 Rounds is complete jog as a team out to the sleds carrying the plates needed for the sled push.

Then, (8) 50m sled pushes each (45,25)
Once complete run the long way back into the gym carrying your plate (s).

Level 2 (35,25), 12 Pull-ups
Level 1 (20,15) 10 Pull-ups
ADV (60,45) Chest to Bar

Strongman Class

EMOM until complete
Odd – Max Calories on Rower
Even Minutes – 1 Keg Ground to Overhead (as heavy as possible)
*Continue until you reach 250 Calories on Rower

L2 – 200 Calories
L1 – 150 Calories

**This workout has a 20 minute cap. Scale the number of calories appropriately to be able to finish in under 20 minutes.

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