Upcoming Event – Annual CFS Bar Crawl!


Annual CFS Bar Crawl! – Saturday August 7th -Start time 3PM
Join us for our second event of the summer! We’re bringing back the CFS Bar Crawl and we’d love for you to join us! You can find the itinerary below. Stop in at any point and stay for as long as you like. All are welcome to bring friends and significant others. The last stop is Sissy Ks where we will have our own room for CFS peeps along with plenty of food provided by Sissy Ks! We hope you’ll join us and if you don’t know anyone don’t worry…by the end of the night you will!!

Oly/Pump tonight and every Tuesday night @ 7pm

400m Run
Dynamic Warm Up
-High Knees
-Butt kickers
-Over/ under fence
-High kicks
-Figure four
-Duck walks
-Crab walks

Ring Muscle-up

Back Squat
2 Reps
1. 80%
2. 80%
3. 85%
4. 85%
5. 87%
6. 90%

In 14 Minutes
800m Run
50 Wall Balls 20|14
15|10 Ring Muscle-ups

Rest 2 Minutes

AMRAP In Reverse order

Level 3 – 10|7 Muscle Ups
Level 2 – 15 strict pull-ups + 15 Dips
Level 1 – 600m run, 14|10 wall ball, 10 Strict Pull-ups + 10 Strict Dips
ADV- 5|4 Strict + remaining reps kipping

Score= time. Write reps completed in comments for reverse order AMRAP