Reduced PM Schedule

As many of you have probably heard, Dani (a forever at heart Southie CrossFitter) is opening her own gym in Weymouth! How exciting! The Southie crew could not be any happier for Dani, she is an amazing human being and she is going to run a kick ass box. There will be a number of us heading over to her grand opening after the Southie brunch at the Colvin’s on Sunday, we hope that you all will tag along!

Tomorrow’s Night Schedule is as follows:
4:00pm- All Levels
5:00pm- All Levels
6:00pm – All Levels
7:00pm- All Levels

The workout will be primarily outside so there will not be a cap on classes; thus, you do not need to register. If you are have never been to an All Levels class do not worry, you will do great! Southie Orange will be off limits!

Partner WOD
Partner 1 completes the distance while partner 2 accumulates as many reps as possible. Then the partners switch.
For Time:
1. 100m Walking Lunge
2. AMRAP Swings
1. 200m KB Carry (2,1.5)
2. Wallballs (20,14)
1. 400m Run with wallball (20,14)
2. AMRAP Sit-ups
1. 800m Run
2. AMRAP Burpee Pull-ups

Scale wallballs and swings as needed.

Your score at the end is your time subtracted by your total number of reps (reps count as seconds). The best score will reflect the fastest team with the most reps.

Example: Total time: 30:00. Total Reps: 360. 360 reps= 6 minutes. 30-6=24:00