Push it to the Limit

Southie Strong
Southie Strong

Just a reminder, there will be no yoga class today at 10am. Classes for tomorrow (Monday 5/26) will be held at 9, 10 & 11am in Southie Green. See you then!

We’ve got REGIONALS to look forward to this week! One of the best ways to test your abilities as a CrossFitter is through competition. Competition takes you outside of your realm of comfort and permits you to accomplish things you may have never deemed possible. There are countless opportunities to compete this summer, whether it be in a local crossfit competition, a triathlon, or even the civilian military combine. Take a look at the list of opportunities that you can participate in and commit to signing up for one.

The Rumble Games
  Saturday, June 14th
Join CrossFit Rumble for a 1-day individuals competition with divisions in both scaled and Rx!
Guaranteed 3 workouts; top 6 men and women RX will compete in a 4th workout

Civilian Military Combine New England  Saturday, June 21st
Test your overall fitness in 4+ miles of extreme obstacle racing in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Ranch Wars  Saturday, June 21st
Teams of 4 athletes (2 male 2 female) will compete in both Rx and scaled divisions. This will be unlike any other competition you have been to. Your four (4) guaranteed WODs will include traditional CrossFit-style workouts and non-traditional functional workouts. Be ready for stones, bales of hay, sleds and maybe even a cow tipping WOD … expect the unexpected!

The Carnival of Strength Saturday, June 28th
Teams of two (same sex) will put their strength to the test in the deadlift, bench press, snatch, and squat clean and jerk. Participants will be split into light and heavy weight divisions.

If your looking to travel to compete, check out these competitions within the New England area. Grab a few friends and make a weekend trip of it!

The H.A.M. Classic Saturday, June 7th
APACHE CrossFit in Toms River, NJ, will host this one day individual competition and pig roast. Athletes will compete in 3 guaranteed WODs with the top 3 athletes in each division moving on to a 4th and final WOD to determine the fittest of the day. Come for quality programming, exceptional judging and a great time! RX and scaled, male and female divisions! Cash prizes!

Crossfit ACT Games Saturday, June 14th
The event that has kept Northern NJ alive for three years! Veteran event host Jessica Murden has the venue that you want! Perfect for spectators, perfect for the competitors. Don’t miss ACT Games 2014!

**Click on any above links to find out more information or to register for one of these awesome events!**

Wall Climbs

Bench Press (close grip)
– Between sets complete 5 strict chin-ups. If you can complete unassisted add load

8 Minute AMRAP
3 Wallclimbs
10 Front Rack Lunges (115,75)

Level 2 (95,65)
Level 1 (75,45)

500m Run
50 Hollow Rocks
50 Supermans

At Home WOD
3 Rounds
5 Turkish Get ups with object (dumbbell, gallon of water, chair?!)
10 Single Arm Overhead Lunges each side (same object)
20 Burpees