Paleo Challenge Winners

All three of the winners did an excellent job keeping a journal and tracking their points. They all maintained a weekly average of over 100 points. The placing was determined mostly by their improvements in their benchmarks, weight-loss/fatloss, and the circumfernce measurements. Winners please come see us for your prize money:)

1st Place: Pete Ostashen

The first picture on the left is Pete before he started CrossFit, the middle picture is right before the paleo challenge, and the final pic is the current day Pete. We are inspired by Pete’s dedication and effort during the 12 weeks.

Weight: -25lbs
Body Fat: -2%
Waist: -3 inches
Hip: -2 inches
Pull-ups: 1 to 12
Burpees: 16 to 26
Row: 3:46.5 to 3:18
Deadlift: 415- stayed the same

2nd Place: Nick DeDonno

Teen Wolf transformed to a perfectly plucked glazed chicken……looking good!!!!

Body Fat: -2.7%
Waist: -4inches
Hip: -2 Inches

Pull-ups: 33 to 40
Burpees: 30 to 32
Row 3:18.8 to 3:11.3

3rd Place JR Strauss

Weight: -10lbs
Body Fat:-1.7%
Waist: -6 inches!
Hip:-2 inches

Pull-ups: 16 to 24
Burpees: 21 to 22
Row:3:58.6 to 3:45.6
Deadlift: 335 to 400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis is not a prize winner, but she deserves a huge congratulations and a shout out. Alexis has lost 15lbs, 4.2% body fat, 5.5 inches off her waist and 2.5 inches off her hips. When she started the challenge she was on the green band for pull-ups, and last week she did her first unassisted pull-up. During the first week of the challenge I looked over ther journal and she had negative points for chocolate every day! I told her to try to go one week with out cheating at all. From that point forward she didn’t cheat and look at her now!

Back Squat

50 Double Unders

3 rounds of
10 SDHP (75,55)
10 Push Press (75,55)

100 Double Unders

3 Rounds of
10 Push Presses

50 Double Unders

L2/L1 (55,35); Scale dunders to your ability level.