Paleo Challenge Results

I think this may have been the best Paleo Challenge yet! Way to go guys! Placing the top 4 was the most difficult decision ever. To win you needed to be very well rounded. This meant improvements in baseline measurements, improvements on benchmarks, and most importantly points! All 4 of the top finishers had over 1130 points, which means they hardly if ever cheated, they kept  up on their mobility, and they worked out 5 days/week.  It takes a lot of dedication to sit in one of these top spots, and each of them is well deserved. I can honestly say, that throughout the challenge I saw a change in these winners- whether it be looks, performance, or confidence…they were all experiencing a dramatic transformation and it was really cool to witness. Congratulations top 4, we are so proud of you!!

First Place: Jon Fisher
$700 Cash
Points: 1,246
Weight Loss: 22.8lbs
% of weight loss: 10.4%
Waist: -2 inches
Hips: -2 inches
Fran: Before 11:00@75 Red Band/ After: 6:53@75 Red Band= -4:07
C&J Before 175/C&J After 175
Christine: Before 2+Row@200/AFter 12:59@200= -2+minutes
Mile: Before 6:46 Mile After 6:41= -5 seconds

Second Place: Brian Sullivan
Prize: $500 cash
Points: 1133
Weight Loss: 23lbs
% of weight loss: 13.1%
Waist: -2.75 inches
Hips: -2.5 inches
Fran: Before-9:35RX/After-6:28RX= -3:07
C&J Before-195/After190=-5
Christine: Before-14:11/After-12:32= -2:43
Mile: Before-6:25/After-6:17= -8 seconds

3rd Place: Melissa Hicks
Prize:$300 cash
Weight loss: 12.6lbs
% of Weight Loss: 8.2%
Waist: -2.5 inches
Hips: -1.5 inches
Fran: Before 9:51@65 2 red bands/After 6:40@65 1 red band=-3:11
C&J Before 95/After 105= +10
Christine: Before 17:41BW/After 15:07BW= -2:36
Mile: Before 8:14/After 7:30= -:44

Also 3rd Place: Chris Nieves
Prize:$300 cash
Weight loss: -1.4bs
% of Weight Loss: 0.5%
Waist: 1 inch
Hips: 1 inch
Fran: Before 10:30RX/After 7:47RX=-3:47
C&J Before 175/After 195= +20
Christine: Before 16:07BW/After 12:27BW= -3:42
Mile: Before 8:07/After 7:37= -:40



Everyone below deserved an honorable mention because they were all so close to placing! The results are truly dramatic, and we wish everyone could be winners…but we had to make a decision! Looking as fabulous as you all do and making the gains that you have, is winning in our book.

Kendra Kinscherf
Weight loss: 12.6lbs
% of Weight Loss: 9.3%
Waist: -2 inches
Hips: -2.5 inches
Fran: Before 7:05@35 red/blue bands/After-5:43 red/blue band=-1:22
C&J Before 78/After 87= +9
Christine: Before 16:30@95/After 15:02@95= -1:28
Mile: Before 7:54/After 7:50= -:04

Derek Davies
Weight loss: 13.6lbs
% of Weight Loss: 7.2%
Waist: -4inches
Hips: -0.5 inches
Fran: Before 9:02@65 red band/After 9:18@75 no band
C&J Before 165/After 175= +10
Christine: Before 19:59BW/After 16:00BW= -3:59
Mile: Before 8:46/After 8:10= -:36

Brian Shurko Jr.
Weight loss: 11lbs
% of Weight Loss: 4.8%
Waist: -2 inches
Hips: -1 inch
Fran: Before 6:53RX/After 4:47RX =-2:06
C&J Before 275/After 291= +16lbs
Christine: Before 14:11BW/After 12:20BW= -1:51


Thomas Patterson
Points: 971
Weight loss: 18.8lbs
% of Weight Loss: 10.2%
Waist: -3 inches
Hips: -1.5 inches
Fran: Before 10:27 After 10:04 =:23
C&J Before 150
Christine: Before 17:40BW/After 13:01BW= -4:39
Mile: Before ?/After 7:11


Mike Quigly
Weight loss: 11.6lbs
% of Weight Loss: 6.1%
Waist: -2 inches
Hips: -1.5 inches
Fran: Before 7:13RX /After 5:56RX = -1:17
C&J Before 190/After 200= +10
Christine: Before 12:02BW/After 10:44BW= -1:18
Mile: Before 6:04/After 5:43= -:21

Marc Piccuiro
Weight loss: 8.8lbs
% of Weight Loss: 5.4%
Waist: -2.5 inches
Hips: -2 inches
Fran: Before 5:02RX/After 3:56RX=-1:06
C&J Before 190/After 200= +10
Christine: Before 11:07BW/After 10:19BW= -:48
Mile: Before 6:13/After 5:56= -:17

Normal AM and mid-day schedule today.  PM classes will be in Southie Green only at 3,4 5, and 6pm. There will be no Southie Orange PM classes.

Handstand Holds
Handstand Push-ups
Handstand walks

Tabata Mash-up (20s work:10s restx8)

-C2B pull-ups

1 minute rest between the different movements. Your score is the sum of your lowest set of each individual movement.