Outdoor Climbing Clinic


CrossFit Southie Day Trip! Outdoor Climbing Clinic!! April 20th, 10am-2pm

In this clinic, designed for beginners, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of climbing, the relevant equipment, knots, terminology, and belaying technique. Then, you’ll put those new skills to work climbing the granite cliffs of Quincy Quarries with routes up to 60ft tall just 20 minutes south of Boston.

This clinic is lead by Daniel Bostwick, with help from other experienced climbers.

Some words from Daniel: I loves rock climbing; I’ve been climbing for over ten years. In high school I climbed competitively, and in college I joined the Northeastern University Outdoors Club, where I organized and lead climbing trips during the summer for three years. I’m a sport climber at heart, and my favorite places to climb are the New River Gorge in West Virginia, and Rumney, NH for someplace a little closer.

If you would like to register for this free clinic, please click here.

Strict Press

Between each set of strict press perform a max effort set of dead hang pull ups without coming off the bar.  If you are unable to do 3+ use extra resistance in the form of bands to help you out.

5 Rounds
12 Deadlifts (155,105)
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push-jerks

L3- (135, 85)
L2 – (115, 65)
L1 – (85, 45)

Coaches Tip: If you are going to break up the reps (you shouldn’t, go unbroken the entire time!) Be conscious of when you take that rest. Think about stopping on the 11th Deadlift for a quick breath then pick it up for the 12th deadlift and try to rep out 8 hang power cleans. Stop, shake it out then pick it up, hang power clean the 9th rep and finish the round by completing 6 push jerks. If you are not aware of how you are breaking these movements up then you’re bound to tack on unneeded extra reps. Be smart, be efficient and move fast and with a purpose. Set a PR!