Open WOD 22.3 & Friday Night Lights!

Flash Back Friday – HDub Cruising through Open WOD 16.3

Friday Night Lights! – Heat Assignments will be posted tomorrow on Instagram and SugarWOD
Join us as we close out the open with this competition style night dedicated to 22.3! Heats will run from 4-7PM and we just ask that you stay to judge the heat that goes after you. Working out is always more fun with the support of your WOD buddies, so don’t miss out.

All are welcome to participate, whether you’re registered for the open or not. Spectators are also welcome! Come down just to watch and cheer on your friends. This event is open to the public! Please register for the heat time you would prefer HERE.

:40 Work/:10 Rest
-Jump Rope Singles
-Banded Pull-Aparts
-Jump Rope Alternating Feet
-Banded Side Steps with Arms Overhead
-Jump Rope High knees
-Banded Front Squats
-Double Unders or Attempts
-Banded Thruster

Open WOD 22.3
For time:
• 21 pull-ups
• 42 double-unders
• 21 thrusters (weight 1)
• 18 chest-to-bar pull-ups
• 36 double-unders
• 18 thrusters (weight 2)
• 15 bar muscle-ups
• 30 double-unders
• 15 thrusters (weight 3)

♀ 65 lb, then 75 lb, then 85 lb
♂ 95 lb, then 115 lb, then 135 lb

Time cap: 12 minutes

Partner Cash-Out
3 Mile Bike
E2MOM – 15 Sit-Ups

Work out starts with both partners performing sit-ups, then one athlete at a time on the bike until you reach 3 miles. Every two minutes both partners perform 15 sit-ups

Extra Work
E3MOM 15:00
200M Run
6 Sandbag Over Shoulder (140/90)

ADV – (150/110)