Open WOD 19.5 – Good ole Thursters and C2Bs

Mar 22nd, 2019

Category: CrossFit

Open WOD 19.5 – Good ole Thursters and C2Bs


Friday Night Lights!
Join us to close out the 2019 Open Season! We’ll have assigned heats and an awesome atmosphere to help push you through your last open WOD. Take the opportunity to cheer on your community and enjoy an awesome night of finishing upThe Open. You can sign up for Friday Night Lights by clicking HERE.

We will be partnering up and completing the Open WOD in all classes today @ 530,6,630,7,9,11 & 12 and running heats at night. We strongly encourage you to sign up for a heat even if you’re not participating in the Open. We will have a suggested warm up and area set up for you to get ready to tackle 19.5!!! If you don’t sign up, come on in anyway and check in with D or Chad and we will fit you in somewhere for some fun & fitness! Reebok will also be in the house with some discount cards and sweet give-a-ways! Don’t miss out!


Meet us out after for a Southie Social to celebrate your 5 weeks of hardwork! We will meet at The Juntion in Southie at 9PM. All are welcome whether your participated in the Open or not! We’ll see you there!