On our way to LA

We cannot thank everyone enough for all of the great support this weekend. Whether it was through posting on the blog, email, text, or in person each of you gave us a reason to fight. Team Southie finished 2nd out of the 30 top teams in the Northeast. On June 12th,13th, and 14th we will be competing in LA at the Home Depot Center at the world championships. This is like the Olympics for CrossFitters, we spectated last year (17 of us went) and it was one of my favorite weeks of my life…seriously. This year the team will be staying together, away from drinking an partying so we can focus. However, we would love to know that we have a group of Southie peeps there to cheer us on. If you are interested in flying out for the CrossFit Games please post to comments “in for LA”. Then maybe you all can find one common place to stay and coordinate rooms. We are sooooooooo pumped! 6 weeks 🙂


Push-presses (95,65)
Toes to Bar

Level 2 (80,55)
Level 1 (65,35)