October Fundamentals Course!

Sep 10th, 2018

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October Fundamentals Course!


October Fundamentals!
By popular demand we’ve added another Fundamentals course for October. If you missed our September session you don’t have to wait until January to take our course!

We understand that starting any new fitness routine can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating. The goal of the CrossFit Southie Fundamentals Program is to eliminate your fears, introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, and have some fun – all while getting fitter. Through eight 60-minute sessions, we will teach you how to move safely and efficiently through the most common movements you will encounter in our general CrossFit classes. At the end of the four weeks, you will have a strong understanding of the foundations of CrossFit, be ready to make the transition into general CrossFit classes… and be a whole lot fitter!
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1. 10 Kettlebell Swing into Goblet Squat*
2. 10 Burpee Lateral Jumps

Quad Rolling
Couch Stretch

Back Squat

3 Rounds
20 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
20 Burpee Lateral Jumps
20 Overhead Squats (95,65)

Level 2 -75,50, (1.5,1)
Level 1 – 65,35, (1,0.75), Front Squat

Coaches Note:
These overhead squats are meant to be light and fast. If it is difficult for you to move fast on overhead squats, scale to a front squat or cut the reps in half.

Extra Work
10:00 AMRAP
15 Toes to Bar
50′ HSW*

*Scale HSW as necessary to 25ft, 20 shoulder taps or 3 wall climbs.

445 Conditioning Class

3 Minutes For Max Reps/Rounds: 1 Minute Rest
Rest 2 additional minutes

2 Minutes for Max Reps.: 1 Minute Rest
1. Row
2. Bike
3. Distance run
5. 5 Burpees/20 Double Unders


  1. Trevor Crean 09/11/2018 at 1:15 pm

    8 rounds – every 90s 5 Hang PCs @155

    Squat: 255

    WOD: 15:01 Rx

  2. Joel Carpenter 09/11/2018 at 12:59 am

    Back Squat: 225
    Wod: 15:09 (65, 1.5 Russian swings) first wod back after a 10 day vacation…woof

  3. Sean Flannery 09/10/2018 at 8:06 pm

    Strength: up to 308#
    WOD: 11:03 Rx
    Extra: 5+1 w/should taps