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Johnathan - Beast Mode, Get Some!
Johnathan – Beast Mode, Get Some!

August Check-In Challenge Begins Today!
Since #checkingin seems to be all of the rage lately (full credit for this trend goes to DJ Sammy Sprinkles), we’ve decided to create a little CrossFit Southie Check-In Challenge for the month of August! How many times can you check-in at CrossFit Southie?! We hope that this little challenge will help spread the word about CrossFit Southie to your friends and family AND encourage you to get into the gym a little bit more. Step up your CrossFit game, step up your social media game, and start #checkingin!

The challenge will be simple. First, be sure you “like” CrossFit Southie on Facebook and follow @crossfitsouthie on Instagram. From there, each time you’re at the gym, head to social media and “check-in” on either Facebook and/or Instagram. Or even better – both!

Every time you check in at CrossFit Southie, you’ll be entered into the prize drawing. The more times you check in, the better chance you have of winning! We’ll repost some of the most creative and best check-ins on our page so everyone can see. Let’s have some fun!

Rules for Check-Ins
1. Only one check-in per day will be counted toward the drawing.
2. Each post must contain a photo of you, a friend, or something at the gym. You can also use a past photo from the gym, or take a picture from the CFS website or Facebook. The more creative the better!
3. Be sure to use the following hashtags: #crossfitsouthie #cfscheckingin. This is how we will find your posts!
4. If posting on Instagram, mention @crossfitsouthie in your post
5. If posting on Facebook, use the “Check-In” feature and select CrossFit Southie as your location.

But what’s the prize?!
The winner of the drawing will receive their choice of Southie Swag from the CFS store AND a gift certificate for a one month, 2/x per week membership to gift to a friend new to CrossFit Southie!

The challenge begins TODAY! Let’s have some fun and start #checkingin!

Every 3 Minutes Complete the Following:
Bear Complex
1. 5 Reps
2. 4 Reps
3. 3 Reps
4. 2 Reps
5. 1 Rep
Hands cannot come off the bar. Ascend in weight each interval.

*start with 75-80% of your max thruster

3 Rounds
1 Minute of Max Double Unders
30s Rest
1 Minute of Max Toes to Bar
30s Rest
1 Minute of Max Calories on the Rower
30s Rest

Score = 3 Totals