Mobility Class

Do overhead squats cause your shoulders and wrists a great deal of
discomfort? Do your calves become sore from all those box jumps and double
unders?  Do you absolutely dread inch worms because those pesky hamstrings just
wont budge? Then our Mobility class is just what you need!

Mobility is defined as the ability to move or be moved freely and easily…

If our bodies are able to move freely and easily through any given movement then
we are doing those repetitions with greater ease. Although it is still hard
work, efficiency is key. Becoming more efficient with our movements will help to
complete more rounds of an AMRAP, help us achieve faster times which equates to
further progress and greater fitness! Not to mention helps cut down on those
tight hips, sore shoulders and general aches and pains.

Our mobility class will include a series of soft tissue work, stretching, and flexibility
techniques to help improve your range of motion. All classes will be structured
to take aim at sore spots from previous workouts, the current workout and common
trouble areas. Whether you want to stretch after class or warm up before class
our Mobility class will help improve those positions and give you the tools to
improve your own well being!

*Mobility class is held on Wednesday nights at 6:30 and 7:00pm.  Come try it out tonight*