Member Spotlight – Garrett Stephenson

Garrett & Duke!

Member Spotlight – Garrett Stephenson!!
Garrett joined CFS in July of last summer. He hit the ground running, has been consistent with coming to classes and giving it 100% every time. Garrett immediately jumped on our weekly running group and has been a staple there every week since July whether is hot and humid or below 30 degrees he’s there. He pushes us all and takes the group shot after since he has the best selfie game in the business!

We really enjoy having Garrett as part of the community. His progress is a great example of how consistent hard work will pay off. In addition to class he’s always doing extra work to help his progress. We also appreciate his involvement in the community outside of the gym, along with participating in our weekly run club, you can find him signing up for extra activities which we’re big fans of! He makes an effort to make new members feel welcome and last but not least he has a fun and positive presence in class! Get to know Garrett more with his interview below

Profession: Project Specialist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
What is your Favorite Part of Crossfit?
Being surrounded by fun and encouraging people who have the same fitness goals and mindset as you

How did you get involved in CrossFit and what was your first WOD/experience?
I first started CrossFit my senior year of college after my basketball season was cancelled due to Mr. Rona. I needed something to stay in shape that was also competitive and had a team like atmosphere. My first WOD experience included a high volume of DUBS. I scaled with singles. Less than a year later my max in a row is 60, so that’s pretty cool!
Mr. Rona = Covid

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?
Basketball, Skiing, IPA’s & Margaritas
What’s a “Fun Fact” about you?
My face is on several local banking billboards in Worcester MA
What’s one piece of advice you would give to anyone new to the gym/ CrossFit?
There is no pressure to lift the most weight. Nail the form down before adding heavy weight.

Garrett getting his first bar muscle up this year!

Warm Up
12 – 9 – 6
-Muscle Clean*
-Front Squat
-Good Mornings
*High Hang, Mid Hang, Floor
**Regular Push-Up, Diamond Push Up, Clapping Push-up where able

Hamstring Rolling
Hamstring Stretching

Squat Clean
2 Reps
-High Hang (Pockets)
– Mid Hang (At Knee)

21 Hang Power Cleans 135|95
9 Thrusters
15 Hang Power Clenas
6 Thrusters
9 Hang Power Cleans
3 Thrusters

Level 3- 115|75
Level 2 – 95|55
Level 1 – 75|35
ADV – 155|105

Extra Work
1. 15/12 Cal Ski
2. 100ft Farmers Carry 106’s|70’s
3. 15/12 Cal Bike
4. 100ft Sandbag Hug Carry 150|100