Little Warrior WOD

Founder Chad Verry & Matt Murawski

Little Warrior WOD 15.6 – All Day today during classes

The Little Warrior Foundation was created by our very own member, Chad Verry, to help fund the research and development to aid in the fight against childhood cancer.  We will be running the WOD during classes and will have a friendly competition like atmosphere, similar to the Open WODs.  You will partner up and judge each other so bring a friend!  Prizes will be awarded to the best male and female scores for the day.

Donations are not required, but those that are made for $40.00+ will receive a Little Warrior WOD T-shirt color of your choice along with a Reebok 20% discount coupon.   If you would like to make a separate or additional donation, they can be made at the box the day of or on the Little Warrior website here. All funds collected directly benefit the Little Warrior  foundation.

Partner Abs
-Wheelbarrow Walks
-Plank holds with midline plate loading
-Leg tosses
-Medball side tosses

“Little Warrior WOD”
15 Minute AMRAP of
5 Squat Cleans (115,80)
7 Box Jumps
9 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)

Level 2 (95,65) (1.5/1); 3 burpees
Leve1 1 (75,45) (1.25/.75); 2 burpees

Every Minute on the Minute, including the start of the WOD stop what you are doing and complete 4 Burpees.